Loose lioness in Berlin sparks warning for people to stay inside

Lioness on the loose in Berlin sparks warning for people and their pets to stay inside

  • Hunters and helicopters are out looking for the loose lioness in southern Berlin 

German police are advising people and their pets to stay indoors following reports of a lioness on the loose in Berlin.

Hunters and vets are reportedly helping track down the animal.

Authorities are also using a helicopter and thermal imagery to find the lion as quickly as possible.

Residents in the towns of Kleinmachnow, Teltow and Stahnsdorf, and those in southern Berlin, have all been advised not to leave their homes.

No zoos, animal parks, circuses and animal sanctuaries have yet reported missing a lioness.

A police spokesperson admitted: ‘We don’t know where it came from.’ 

Video on Twitter appeared to show a lioness wandering through foliage in Kleinmachnow

Police believe it may be sleeping in the woodland, having not found it through the night

Police spokesman Daniel Keip told BILD: ‘Around midnight, witnesses saw a predator tearing down a wild boar. 

‘We also got video material about it. It is therefore a lioness. There is currently no reason for us to doubt its authenticity.’ 

Police began their search at midnight and were still searching for the animal this morning.

It was spotted through the night walking through the undergrowth near Kleinmachnow.

Brandenburg Police wrote on Twitter at 2:15am: ‘Please avoid leaving the house due to an escaped wild animal in the Kleinmachnow, Teltow & Stahnsdorf (PM) area and also bring your pets into the house. 

‘Our colleagues are on site and checking the situation.’

They sent an update at 6:23am: ‘The escaping wild animal has NOT been found yet! We still ask you not to leave the house. 

‘If you see the animal, please call the emergency number 110!’ 

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