Locals horrified as dirty nappies 'fly through the air' after bins aren't collected for a MONTH & vermin tear open bags

HORRIFIED residents have told how nappies flew through the air while vermin ripped through their rubbish – after their bins weren't collected in over a MONTH.

Seagulls, foxes and squirrels tore open the scores of bags spilling out from the communal bins at Highcroft Lodge in Brighton, scattering the filthy rubbish all over the car park.

According to residents living in the block of flats, recycling was left for up to two months, compounding the problem.

And while the mess has since been fixed, their bin bags still pile high outside.

Dionne Charles, 50, who lives on the second floor, said: “It’s been absolutely diabolical.

“Nappies with human faeces, sanitary towels and all sorts of things have been left for weeks. It is a total disgrace.”

She said the refuse collectors are refusing to bring their rubbish truck up the drive to the communal bins behind the block because of the narrow turning off the main road.

Only a small truck can make the manoeuvre safely and there are less of them available to the City Clean department.

Dionne said the inconsistent collections began around four years ago and have steadily got worse.

“We have bin capacity for just one week,” she said.

“So you can imagine what it’s like when they haven’t been collected for four weeks and there is three weeks of rubbish lying all over the place."

Joining her in frustration is Jessica Wrenn, 29, who lives on the third floor of the block.

The school governor said: “The smell and the sight of the rubbish spilling out of the bags and across the car park has been horrendous.

“It’s horrible to live here when the rubbish isn’t being collected and it’s time the council fixed the problem once and for all."

To see nappies and used panty-liners blowing around in the wind is not just horrible but it’s a health hazard as well.

Her mum, Ruby Wrenn, added: “Seagulls, foxes and even squirrels tear open the bags and scatter the contents everywhere. The mess is quite shocking.

“My daughter and I often take our the recycling to the council tip because we don’t want to add to the problem.”

Meanwhile, Sheila Peddle 73, who has lived in the block for 27 years, said: “In all my time living here I have never seen it so bad.

“To see nappies and used panty-liners blowing around in the wind is not just horrible but it’s a health hazard as well."

The bins were collected on September 29 after being left for weeks and then were collected on October 28.

After the residents complained to the local paper last week they were collected again on Tuesday.

Dionne said: “We shouldn’t have to call the local paper and kick up a fuss every time we want our bins collected – it’s why we pay our council tax.”

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