Lidl own-brand clothes become massive hit as Brits kit themselves out in bargain buys

LIDL has become a fashion hit as trendsetters go mad for its own-branded clothing.

The supermarket has launched a trendy range in its red, yellow and blue colours — and fans are snapping it up.

And instead of forking out hundreds for designer brands, shoppers only need to spend just over £33 for the full kit of Lidl trainers, jumper, shorts, sunglasses, hat, socks and bag.

Among them is Sean Davies, from Warrington, Cheshire, and Rikki Wallace, of Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire. 

Rikki said: “I bought the whole outfit. We took a picture then posted it on Facebook for a laugh. Before we knew we had over 7,000 likes.” 

And Samantha Davies snapped a pile of £12.99 trainers on the checkout aisle at her local store, echoing Del Boy’s famous line: “‘We’re going to make millions Rodney’.”

Laura Young commented: “Everything but one pair of trainers was sold out in our local store! I think it’s brilliant! After the last 18 months, this is something to really brighten up the country.”

Many of the 800-plus UK stores are selling out fast, with some items on auction sites for £1,000.

Lidl own-brand clothing

Trainers – £12.99

Jumper – £7.99

Shorts – £4.99

Sunglasses – £2.99

Hat – £1.99

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