Kim Kardashian wannabe, 30, admits £5m money smuggling charge after being caught with cash-loaded suitcases at airport

A KIM Kardashian wannabe has admitted to a £5million money smuggling charge after she was caught with cash-loaded suitcases at an airport.

Tara Hanlon, 30, was stopped by Border Force officials at Heathrow trying to board a flight to Dubai in October last year.

She was caught with £1.9m stashed in suitcases after telling her friends that she had landed a "lucrative" new public relations job.

Hanlon, from Leeds, now faces up to seven years behind bars after she admitted at Islington Crown Court trying to smuggle the £1,940,120 from the UK, as well as charges of "removing criminal property, namely cash".

The court heard that she had previously moved £1.4m out of the country on July 14 last year, another £1.1m on August 10 and £1m on August 31, MailOnline reported.

National Crime Agency investigators said the discovery in October was "the largest such detection at the border so far in 2020".

Hanlon appeared in court via video-link from Leeds.

She had her black hair in a ponytail, and was wearing a light blue suit jacket with a white top. 

Judge Giles Curtis-Raleigh said to Hanlon: "You must attend this court early on 26 July, obviously it will be a prison sentence you must be ready for that, bring a bag.

"The temptation may be not to attend on that day because know what is going to happen, but that would be a very grave error.

"That would be a further serious criminal offence for which there would be consecutive prison sentence which would be much worse, the judge will listen carefully to what (Stephen) Grattage says on your behalf."

Before Hanlon admitted her guilt, her grandmother Maureen Downs, 80, told the MailOnline: "I know my granddaughter and she would never do anything like what she is accused of. She has a heart of gold.

"She is a lovely girl and she had never, ever been in in trouble."

Ms Downs added: "I can't sleep and I hope I am going to wake up from this nightmare.

"She was into partying. She liked a bit of glamour did Tara.

"She wanted to look like that [Kim] Kardashian woman and she had her lips done like her."

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