Joe Biden claims Theresa May rang him with concerns about Donald Trump

US presidential candidate Joe Biden claims Theresa May rang him ‘voicing concerns’ about Donald Trump (although the 76-year-old did manage to mix her up with Margaret Thatcher)

  • US Presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke to fundraising audience on Saturday 
  • He claimed Theresa May had called him ‘to voice concerns’ about Donald Trump
  • But Mr Biden, 76, mixed up her with former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher  

A US presidential candidate claims Theresa May rang him to ‘voice concerns’ about Donald Trump. 

Joe Biden, 76, made the announcement to a fundraising audience in Columbia, US on Saturday.

But much to the amusement of the small group of donors, he confused Mrs May with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died in 2013, more than two decades after leaving office.

Former Vice President Joe Biden pledged Saturday night in South Carolina that he wouldn’t get in the mud with President Donald Trump during a protracted White House campaign, and then called him a ‘clown’ and a ‘no-good S.O.B.’ 

 ‘Margaret Thatcher – um, excuse me, Margaret Thatcher, Freudian slip,’ Biden said as laughter rang out. ‘But I knew her too.’   

After a pause, the Democrat politician continued: ‘The Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May.’  

Biden, who was Vice President to Barack Obama, said May had asked him: ‘We still have a special relationship between [the] United States and England?’

‘I said, jokingingly, ‘It’s an Irishman telling you, yeah’,’ he said. 

Biden claimed in the debate that 14 heads of state had called him to express concerns about Donald Trump, including Mrs May –  despite the UK’s head of state being The Queen.

Biden told donors in South Carolina that he knows Trump is ‘going to go after me and my family’ but pledged to answer the president ‘directly’ without name-calling

 He told donors he knows Trump is ‘going to go after me and my family’ but pledged to answer the president ‘directly’ without name-calling. 

He also dismissed the idea of getting into a ‘mud-wrestling match’ with the president if they go head-to-head for the White House in 2020. 

Biden, who launched his third presidential campaign ten days ago,  then went on to call Trump a ‘clown’ and ‘no good S.O.B.,’ adding that more names were to come.

Biden has received support among the Democratic Party, despite concerns about his advancing age.  

His first run at the White House, in 1988, ended in disaster after critics found that he had plagiarized portions of a speech from Neil Kinnock, the British Labour Party leader who was Thatcher’s most outspoken domestic foe at the time. 

Instead of May (left), Biden cited the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (right), who left Parliament in 1990 and died in 2013

Biden raised May’s name on Saturday after claiming that ‘at least 14 heads of state’ have contacted him during Trump’s time in office, ‘including very, very conservative heads of state.’

The United Kingdom’s head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. 

‘I think, whether I’m right or not, I know as much about American foreign policy than anyone around,’ he said, ‘including even maybe [Henry] Kissinger. I say that because I’ve been doing it my entire adult life. I’ve literally had a chance to meet virtually every major world leader.’ 

Biden spent 36 years in the U.S. Senate before the eight years he served as Barack Obama’s vice president.

His longstanding feuds with Trump are likely to get more intense as 2019 heads toward 2020. 

The president has already branded him ‘Sleepy Joe’ and ‘Crazy Joe.’

President Trump has called Biden ‘Sleepy Joe’ and ‘Crazy Joe’ in the past, and appears eager to square off against one of the only two people in a 22-contestant Democratic field who is older than he is

Biden claimed Saturday that he wanted to keep the political discourse at a more civilized level.

‘The only place he has any confidence is in the mud. The only thing he doesn’t know how to respond to is issues and specifics,’ he said of the president.

Asked if he would pick his own derogatory nickname for Trump, he responded: ‘There’s so many nicknames I’m inclined to give this guy”

‘You can just start with ‘clown’.’

Later, as he warned that the president and his surrogates would likely attack his family members during a protracted campaign, he called Trump a ‘no-good S.O.B.’ 

But he admitted regret over a pair of previous boasts that if the two were in high school he would have taken Trump behind the gym and ‘beat the hell out of him.’

‘Well guess what? I probably shouldn’t have done that,’ Biden said. 

‘I don’t want to get it down to that level. The presidency is an office that requires some dignity.’  

Biden admitted Saturday that he shouldn’t have suggested last year that he would have liked to beat up Trump in high school – a boast that brought this counter-punch from the president at the time

Biden took selfies with people in the crowd after a campaign event in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday

At the time, Trump pushed back hard on Twitter.

‘Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy,’ he wrote in March 2018. ‘Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault.’

‘He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don’t threaten people Joe!’

Biden is conducting a two-day swing through South Carolina, which will hold the first presidential primary in the South at the end of next February. 

Earlier in the day, Biden played to ‘just a few hundred people’ at a rally in the same city earlier in the day.

MailOnline has approached No10 Downing Street for comment. 

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