Joe Biden breaks record for most popular votes earned in an election

The fate of the 2020 presidential election remains in flux, but Democratic hopeful Joe Biden has already claimed the record for the most overall votes garnered in a single race.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the former two-term vice president had amassed 69,626,112 votes nationwide, with several states still crunching the numbers, according to ABC News.

Barack Obama held the previous record, racking up 69,498,516 votes during his first White House victory in 2008.

In the last election cycle, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton logged about 65.8 million votes but lost the all-important electoral college race to President Trump, who notched some 62.9 million votes.

This time around, Trump has so far hauled in about 66.7 million votes, according to ABC News.

But the all-important electoral college vote remains undecided, with make-or-break states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia still too close to call.

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