Joe Biden and his wife Jill ‘had affair when she was still married’, her first husband claims

JOE Biden and his wife Jill had an affair that broke up her first marriage, her first husband has claimed.

Dr. Jill Biden's ex-husband Bill Stevenson, 72, told the Daily Mail that the story the presidential candidate tells about how he fell in love with his wife after a blind date is a lie.

He also revealed that he will be publishing a book that will "blow the lid off the sham story."

A spokesperson for Jill told The Sun that the breakdown of her first marriage was a very painful time in her life.

"It's a shame that after 45 years, all of a sudden, this is being revisited," they added.

Stevenson founded The Stone Balloon, a famous live music club near the University of Delaware.

He made headlines in 2018 when he had a heart attack in New York City and was brought back to life by New York Police Officers after being dead for six minutes, Daily Mail reported.

Two years after marrying Jill in 1970, Stevenson claims they met Joe and his then wife Neilia in the Biden's kitchen.

He also claims he gave nearly $11,000 in cash to Joe's first campaign for Senate.

Stevenson told the Daily Mail that he suspected Joe and Jill were having an affair in 1974 after he asked Jill to go to Northern New Jersey with him to meet with Bruce Springsteen and she said no.

"She had things to do, she had to look after Joe's kids, Beau and Hunter," Stevenson said. "It was kind of a big deal to go meet Springsteen. I had no idea she and Joe were that kind of friendly."

"Then one of her best friends told me she thought Joe and Jill were getting a little too close," he added. "I was surprised that she came to me."

Two months later, Stevenson allegedly got confirmation of the affair after a man told him Jill and Joe had been driving together.

Stevenson claims she asked Jill to leave their house, which she did, even though her father allegedly begged Stevenson to take her back.

"I considered Joe a friend," Stevenson said. "I'm not surprised he fell in love with Jill. Everyone who meets Jill falls in love with her immediately. It's hard not to."

The Bidens have said they met after Jill's first marriage ended in 1975.

The presidential candidate has said he called up Jill to ask her on a date after seeing her picture in an advertisement and learning his brother Frank knew her.

They were married in June 1977.

"Dr. Biden writes very openly and honestly in her book about the breakdown of her first marriage," a spokesperson said. "It was a very painful time in her life. It's a shame that after 45 years, all of a sudden, this is being revisited. The Bidens met in March of 1975 and married in June of 1977. Those are the facts.”

Stevenson's book will be approximately 300 pages long and claims his ex-wife is only featured in 80 of them.

"I don't want to hurt anyone," he said. "But facts are facts and what happened, happened."

He also said that he doesn't want to hurt Jill's chances of being First Lady.

"She would make an excellent First Lady — but this is my story."

Stevenson claimed the book is not "a bitter book" as without the divorce he would not have met his current wife Linda.

Stevenson did not immediately respond to The Sun's request for comment.

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