Jeremy Corbyn breaches Covid-19 rules outside London coffee shop

He’s at it again! Jeremy Corbyn is caught flouting lockdown laws again at cafe gathering… months after he broke the Rule of Six with dinner party

  • Jeremy Corbyn was spotted outside a coffee shop with a group of friends 
  • The former Labour leader had been attending a funeral for a former councillor 
  • According to photographs, Mr Corbyn was not wearing a protective face mask
  • He and his friends did not appear to be staying two metres apart  

Jeremy Corbyn has been caught flouting lockdown rules again.

He was spotted among a group of 12 outside a closed cafe in north London.

The former Labour leader, 71, was not wearing a mask and did not appear to be socially distancing.

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn later said: ‘Jeremy attended a funeral for a greatly missed and well-loved former councillor, where Covid-related precautions were taken.’

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, pictured, was spotted in Finsbury Park outside a coffee shop potentially breaching Covid-19 regulations 

Earlier in the pandemic, Mr Corbyn was pictured with a group of friends in September when lockdown rules were still in place

Under rules for funerals, up to 30 can attend in Covid-secure venues or in public outdoor spaces – but social distancing should be maintained between those who don’t live together or share a social bubble.

Other Covid rules stipulate that only two people can meet outside to exercise, while cafes are not allowed to let people sit down in groups.

At around 5pm on Tuesday, the group including Mr Corbyn gathered on seats outside the closed Goods Office cafe in Stroud Green. 

They appeared to have bought drinks from the Londis next door. The incident came after Mr Corbyn broke rules last year by attending a dinner party with eight others. 

He later apologised after a photo emerged of the event in October. Then, only six were allowed to meet.  

The latest covid rule break came the day after Mr Corbyn had called for Matt Hancock to be sacked and replaced with ‘somebody who will obey the law’.

The café is a hotspot for Labour MPs and celebrities, with David Lammy and Harry Enfield both regular customers, according to its owner.

The picture suggests only one of the group had their face covered and none were socially distancing.

The man who took the photo, a local chef, said: ‘They should all be wearing masks – they were all just chilling and laughing and all with coffees.’

He added: ‘I like photos with celebrities so I went over….but one of them came towards me and he was like “Oh, you need to go away, this is a funeral party”.

The owner of the café, Andrew Poynter, yesterday said the café only opened between 9:30am and 3:30pm on weekdays so was closed at the time Mr Corbyn and the group were sat outside.

He told the Mail: ‘You can see they were using different coffee cups – they’re ones from the Londis next door.’ He said lockdown had been ‘dreadful’ for business and Tuesday had been a ‘terrible day’ for takings.

He said they had only £150 taken and paid out £120 in wages, adding that they were ‘more staying open for the community’.

‘A lot of people sit there. I don’t mind, I’d let anyone sit out there. It’s just annoying when they don’t clear up.’

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