Jasmine Hartin filmed blasting watermelon with shotgun & denies being 'coke-snorting party girl' amid cop death probe

JASMINE Hartin was filmed blasting a watermelon with a shotgun in newly emerged footage before she blew a kiss towards the barrel.

The 32-year-old socialite also hit back at local reports she had a "wild image" and took cocaine as she spoke on Belize TV.

Hartin, a mum-of-twins,was arrested and has been charged with manslaughter by negl

igence after the death of top cop Henry Jemmott.

Jemmott died of a gunshot wound to the head while Hartin was alone with him on a pier on the island of Ambergris Caye after midnight on May 28.

She claims the gun went off by accident.

Hartin, from Canada, is the former partner of Tory peer Lord Ashcroft's son Andrew, and has previously bemoaned she has been "thrown to the wolves" by the wealthy family over the case.

Video of her blasting the shotgun has emerged as her case continues to spark major interest in Belize.

She was recorded firing the gun at a melon, estimated to be around 15 metres away – in a clip which was broadcast by 7 News Belize on their segment, Jasmine in Her Own Words.

I wouldn’t say I am a wild party girl but I definitely do have fun with my friends

Wearing a black top and shorts, Hartin beams after blowing apart the piece of fruit as she cradles the 12guage.

She then blows a kiss towards the gun as she poses in the tropical sunshine by the beach.

Hartin has previously been pictured with guns – and early reports had suggested she and Jemmott were playing a "pistol game" when he died.

Speaking to the TV channel, Hartin also addressed reports that she was a "party girl" and took cocaine – with her also being charged with drug possession.

"I wouldn’t say I am a wild party girl but I definitely do have fun with my friends," Hartin said.

"I like to dance, I always like to do big dinners. I like to treat people, I like to host events at the house.”

And addressing claims of drugs, she added: "I am a social person.

"When it comes to talking about the drugs, I heard that too, and that was a shock to me as well.”

She was asked what happened on the night of Jemmott's death and her lawyer told her not to answer the question, reports The Times.

Other images of Hartin shown in the feature included her at a shooting range and sitting on a horse saddle hanging from the ceiling of a bar.

Hartin claimed that no one from the Ashcroft family had visited her in jail – and said they weren't going to due to the "bad press" when speaking on 7 News.

She said: "I didn’t have any family come to visit me in jail.

"Instead, a couple friends came to see me, but never once was I allowed to speak to the children during that time."

The socialite went on: "Andrew and I we’ve been together seven years. We’re not perfect. There’s been ups and downs — we’ve definitely had a complicated relationship.

"But even with all of that, though, I can’t believe how I’ve been treated,” Hartin told the station."

She added: "I’m in a situation because of horrible accident. From the 28th when I lost my friend Henry, and that was terrible.

"So I’m just saying like, I’m sure his family likes to have the love and support to get through this horrible time.

"I feel like I don’t have the love and support to get through it on my side."

Hartin had previously been returned to the scorpion infested Belize Central Prison breaching her bail conditions.

She has moaned that she is denied the chance to see her children, something that Andrew denies.

"At no time have I told Jasmine that she cannot see her children," he said.

Hartin is awaiting trial for allegedly shooting Jemmott with his own service pistol last month.

Jemmott was a highly-rated officer often tipped as a future leader of Belize's police force.

The cop was struck behind his right ear by a 9mm round from his own Glock 17 service pistol.

Hartin and Jemmott are alleged to have been "socialising" and drinking alone on Ambergris Caye, a tropical island haven frequented by millonaies.

Security guards heard a "loud bang" at 12.45am and found Hartin "covered in a red substance" and Jemmott floating dead 30ft from shore.

The case continues.

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