Inside the £850 Notting Hill bedsit with a shower next to the oven

Tightmove! Tiny studio flat in Notting Hill with a shower next to the OVEN goes up for rent for £850-a-month

  • The new tenant will have to pay a £1,700 deposit before moving into the flat 
  • They will also be responsible for paying for their internet and council tax 
  • The flat is only a five minute walk from Notting Hill Tube station in west London 

A tiny west London studio flat which features a shower cubicle standing next to the oven has been mocked on social media. 

The £850-a-month property is located in the trendy Notting Hill area of west London and is an estimated five-minute walk from the local tube station.  

Inside, the single bed is placed in the centre of the room as an obstructive feature; sitting nakedly underneath a narrow window and beside an ill-matching wardrobe, standing awkwardly in the corner like a shy teenager at their first school disco. 

This is the studio apartment in Notting Hill, west London which is being offered to rent for £850 a month. It features a small single bed sat in the middle of the room sandwiched between the cooker and a wardrobe

A large mirror provides a visual illusion, tricking the eye into thinking that the kitchen is in an adjacent room accessed through a serving hatch

A glass shower cubicle stands beside the cooker and in full view of the rest of the room. Thankfully the toilet is behind a traditional door, providing a modicum of dignity in the unlikely event that a visitor is invited back to the flat

One online commentator tried to look at the bright side claiming the unusual layout offers the opportunity to multitask 

A large mirror has been fitted to the wall opposite the kitchen area to make the room look more spacious. It provides a visual illusion, tricking the the eye into thinking the cooker, sink and fridge are in an adjacent room with access through a serving hatch. 

But much of the mirror is blocked by the poorly placed wardrobe which, itself, is kept away from the wall by a 30cm-wide shelf. This further diminishes the amount of floorspace for the new tenant.  

The small single bed will restrict the number of people able to stay in the room overnight, meaning any heat this winter will be supplied by an oil-filled electric radiator, brought in to supplement the house’s central heating. 

Studio apartments in the area often rent for more than £1,000-a-month. 

Not many will have a glass shower cubicle installed next to the cooker in full view of the bed which is only one stride away. 

Thankfully, the toilet has its own wooden door providing a modicum of dignity in the unlikely event the tenant invites a friend over for a spot of supper, to be eaten,  sitting on the edge of the bed, possibly staring out towards the net curtains. 

The new tenant will be expected to provide the landlord with a £1,700 deposit ahead of moving in while settling their council tax bill a short time later. 

Other bills are included in the rent, apart from an internet service. If the tenant is able to find a suitable surface to place a television, they will also have to pay the BBC licence fee.  

Rita Simoes-Muir, who saw the online listing, said: ‘Being able to shower and watch your dinner while it’s cooking – that’s handy.’

Another commentator, Kelly, said: ‘Oh, that’s grim.’ 

A third added: ‘At least it’s low maintenance.’  

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