I let my friend's son stay with me – it started fine but then he wouldn't leave, wrecked the place & cost me £1,000 | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER suffered the experience from hell and was left £1,000 in debt after letting her friend's son stay with her.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed the shocking chain of events on a Money Saving Expert forum.

Posting under the name "Newstart3", she revealed that she offered her spare room to her friend's son on a one month temporary basis.

Things started out fine but quickly turned into a nightmare, with the initial one month stay turning into almost four months.

By the end of the toxic cycle, the homeowner booted her friend's son out of the house and was left with an eye-watering bill of around £1,000.

This included £140 in bills, a broken £80 kitchen bin, three stolen kitchen mugs worth £60, and an £800 mattress that was ruined.

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From the get-go, the homeowner set the rules straight: no parties, no strangers round, no loud music, not to enter her bedroom and to tidy up after himself etc.

Despite seeming like a "genuinely nice guy", it didn't take long for things to get off on the wrong foot.

Whilst away for the weekend, the homeowner saw photos of her garden had been shared on Facebook by her friends niece and decided to head home early.

"Arrived home after 2 hours driving to find the house an absolute mess," she revealed.

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"Dishes everywhere, takeaway wrappers, empty bottles, clothes all over the floor, rubbish and cigarette butts all over the garden."

She would then find one of his friends sleeping in her bed and another girl in his bed, before demanding them to leave.

However, despite ringing the boys mother to say he had to leave immediately, she was guilt tripped into giving him a second chance.

Having left home to calm down, she returned to find "a strange girl and a mountain bike in my living room."

Over the next few months, the lad did nothing to help out around the house and began smoking in his bedroom and leaving the bathroom in a mess.

The homeowner, who works full time and was writing her dissertation, could no longer cope.

Her friends son eventually found somewhere else to stay but he'd make sure he'd have one last laugh.

After getting the keys and takng the majority of his stuff on the Friday, he promised to clean and hand his keys over by Sunday afternoon.

The homeowner stayed at her boyfriend's that weekend but when she returned on the Sunday, she discovered that the boy had invited friends over once more.

"Not only had they clearly had a look through all my belongings in my bedroom (clothes moved around in wardrobe, drawers not closed properly), they had also slept in my bed again!'" she fumed.

"At this point I lost the plot and demanded he hand over his key and get out of my house.

"No idea if anything has been taken but it’s difficult to tell. Spend the rest of Sunday cleaning the house and airing the house."

The homeowner added that the boys mother had promised to come round and clean but it never happened, leaving her to sort the mess out on her own.

To make things worse, she received little sympathy from other people in the forum.

One person said: "Why did you let him stay for so long! Why did you not arrange a monthly rent with him? No agreement in place don't see what you can do really."

A second added: "Sorry but you are partly to blame. You allowed the rules to be broken. You should have kicked him out at the first opportunity."

One person did at least offer their support, however.

"Take him to small claims court and get a CCJ against him. Then he really will have a problem finding somewhere to live and his mother will have to take responsibility for the way he behaves," they said.

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Others were asking if the woman still remained friends with the boys mother but received no response.

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