'I hope you all crash and die': Woman screams on Las Vegas flight

Evil Spirit! Angry Karen shouts ‘Hope you all crash and die!’ to airplane passengers as she’s escorted off budget airline flight

  • The unnamed woman was flying out of Las Vegas airport on Sunday when she was asked to leave the Spirit flight
  • Other passengers jeered as she and a male companion left the flight, causing her to turn round and yell back
  • As she exited the plane, she shouted: ‘I hope you all crash and die’, leading to gasps from the passengers
  • The pilot then got up from his seat in the cockpit and followed her off the plane: passengers speculated he was going to request she be added to a No Fly list

A woman has gone viral after she was removed from a Spirit flight, turned to passengers and yelled: ‘I hope you all crash and die.’

The unnamed woman was asked to leave the flight before it took off from Las Vegas on Sunday.

A passenger, known only as Brad, recorded the incident on TikTok.

The woman walks off the plane with her belongings – it is unclear why she was asked to leave – and is followed by a male companion.

The unnamed woman was asked to leave the flight as it sat on the tarmac in Las Vegas on Sunday

As she left the plane, she turned and yelled back at other passengers who jeered her

Other passengers jeer and heckle her, with one yelling: ‘Boo!’

The woman replies: ‘Boo you, b****. If you were in my position you’d do the same thing.’

She and the man leave the plane, and she then shouts back from the tunnel: ‘I hope you all crash and die.’

The passengers gasp in horrified silence, and the pilot can then be seen standing up from his seat in the cockpit and marching out the plane behind her.

Passengers speculated that he was intending to request she be put on a No Fly list as a punishment for her morbid threat.

The woman was escorted off the plane by security teams, and followed by a male companion

The pilot can be seen getting out of his seat and leaving the cockpit. He then followed the woman off the plane

Spirit is yet to comment on the incident, and has not responded to DailyMail.com’s request for comment.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) said that, as of December 15, there had been 2,359 reports of unruly passengers, and 553 enforcement action cases initiated.

A total of 823 investigations were opened.

The worst year since records began in 1995 was 2021, when 1,091 investigations were begun – a massive rise from 2020, which saw only 183, and 2019, with 146.

Much of the 2021 unrest was due to arguments over COVID-19 precautions such as face masks.

The FAA state: ‘Interfering with the duties of a crewmember violates federal law.

‘The repercussions for passengers who engage in unruly behavior can be substantial.

‘They can be fined by the FAA or prosecuted on criminal charges.’

Passengers can face fines of up to $37,000 for unruly behavior.

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