I have to sleep in my CAR because nightmare neighbours blast loud dance music at all hours – it makes the house shake

A DRIVER has revealed he sleeps in his CAR as he claims his nightmare neighbours blast loud dance music at all hours.

Brian Brown, 53, claims the beats are so deafening they make his entire ground floor flat in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, shake.

The truck driver, who has lived in the property for 25 years, said his life turned into a nightmare six years ago when a couple in their twenties moved into the flat above.

He said some nights he goes to work on just 90 minutes sleep – and fears his job will turn deadly if he falls asleep at the wheel.

But factory worker Jason Spillsbury, 27, and Lyndsey Holly Quinn, 26, deny the allegations, claiming neighbour Brian is bullying them.

Brian said: "It started off as soon as they moved in. The first words out of his mouth were 'Do you like loud music?'

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"It can be Friday, Saturday or Sunday and any day they fancy – they had a PA made for a nightclub and it is just so loud.

"I have to go out, I've slept in my Astra and that's not comfortable, my friend's flat and I am sofa surfing to try and get some sleep.

"It will be quiet and then at 2am in the morning it will start. They even put the washing machine on in the middle of the night."

Brian said the noise is made more "unbearable" by the laminate flooring at his neighbour's two-bedroom home.

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And he says he can't hear a word his girlfriend says when the music starts.

Brian said: "The walls are thumping and the ceiling and the pipes are vibrating.

"When the music is not on they have two kids that are running round and screaming and that's when they are not screaming at each other.

"Now they have a dog that barks – it's unbelievable that North Wales Housing has done nothing about the situation."

Brian has been told to compile evidence of the noise, which he is doing.

I have been to work on an hour and a half sleep before. I drive 18 ton wagons, so if I kill someone, because I've not been to sleep whose fault is that?

But he says the alleged cacophony is "making him ill" and he is on anti-depressants as a result.

"They make me feel suicidal, or violent towards them," the resident said.

"I am left to bang on the ceiling and shout 'shut the f*** up,' but it just goes on – it's mental torture.

"I have been to work on an hour and a half sleep before. I drive 18 ton wagons, so if I kill someone, because I've not been to sleep whose fault is that?

"When the walls are vibrating and I complain – he will hang out of the window upstairs and say 'I can play it as loud as I want until 11pm' and then it goes on until 3am."

Of his neighbours' music tastes, he noted: "One song they played that I used to quite like is Popcorn, but I’ve heard it that loud that I cannot stand it now. It’s the original not the Crazy Frog version, but it’s so repetitive – it’s all just noise to me now. And I quite like dance music.

"Another I captured on video was Take What You Want by Post Malone, it’s just noise when you play it that loud."


Brian has complained to North Wales Housing about the issue but claims the authority is "useless" and he's "got nowhere".

He also said officials asked him if he had considered moving – but he does not believe he should be the one to pack up after 25 years.

Responding to the allegations, mum-of-two Lyndsey, who has daughters aged four and six, admitted she and her partner did play some music when they first moved in "but it isn't all the time and it's not too loud".

She explained: "He will bang on the ceiling and shout 'shut the brats up' if the girls run on the floor and off the sofa," she explained.

"We have asked to be rehoused. I suffer with an anxiety disorder, a stress disorder and I worry as I cannot make any noise in my own home.

We live in fear of making any type of noise at all.

"We live in fear of making any type of noise at all."

Jason, who works nights at a local factory, added: "It's a load of lies. He is bullying us.

"I haven't even been living here the last three years.

"I do play a little bit of music, but I don't blast it. I work nights and sleep on the sofa sometimes.

"We live beside an alleyway and it's full of crackheads. The children shouldn't be living next to that, or with a neighbour who is banging on his ceiling."

Allan Eveleigh, assistant director of communities for North Wales Housing, said: "We have investigated thoroughly the reports Mr Brown has made and explored the options available to us as a landlord.

"This includes installing specialist noise-monitoring equipment and offering to pay for professional independent mediation to help manage the situation.

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"The levels and frequency of noise reported do not, in the opinion of our legal advisors, meet the threshold for any legal resolutions at this stage. Should the situation change, we are fully committed to taking any proportionate actions that might improve the situation.

"We take reports of noise nuisance seriously and understand the impact that this can have for those involved. We are sorry to hear of the concerns Mr Brown has raised and we will continue to explore whether there are any appropriate actions or support that we can offer in this case."

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