How to find out if you’ll be first in line for next $1,200 stimulus check – which could be $5k for families with 3 kids

IF and when a second round of stimulus checks is approved, when Americans will get the money depends on the payment group they fall under.

That means that when Americans will receive the next $1,200—or whatever the amount may be—depends less on their individual qualifications, according to CNET.

The first group of people who will receive the funds are those who have given their direct deposit information to the Internal Revenue Service.

This group generally got the first round of stimulus checks first, because direct deposit is the quickest and most efficient way for the IRS to process payments. 

After them, the group of people who will likely get their second stimulus checks the fastest are Social Security beneficiaries. 

Social Security beneficiaries who provided their direct deposit information to the IRS got the first round of stimulus money the first day it became available, or the first week, so that is a good indicator for the second round.

People who get paper checks from the IRS will probably receive the second chunk of money in the mail a week after direct deposit recipients. 

Meanwhile, people who receive economic impact payment (EIP) debit cards which are prepaid Visa cards may have to wait until weeks after the direct deposit groups to see their funds. 

For the first round of the stimulus, the roughly 4 million EIP recipients did not get their money until around mid-May.

Americans with complex tax situation can expect to receive the second stimulus funds last. 

Some people in this payment group got the first rounding June, or are still waiting for the funds. 

The relief bill, if approved by Congress, could be up to $5,000 for a family with three children.

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