How many dogs does Ted Cruz have and what breed are they?

TED Cruz has been a staple figure in American politics since he was first elected as Texas Senator in 2012.

But what do we know about Cruz's personal family life – including his dogs? Read on for more info…

How many dogs does Ted Cruz have?

Ted Cruz and his family include one dog among their unit.

A 2014 Facebook post by Cruz, showed a picture of the cute, fluffy cannine.

But seven years later, Cruz came under fire after it emergedthat he left Snowflake behind at home in storm ravaged Texas in February 2021 – while the rest of the family jetted off to sunny Cancun.

What breed are Ted Cruz's dogs?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz's only dog is a poodle.

Some on Twitter have questioned whether poodle is the correct breed.

Some have suggested alternative – but equally as cute – breeds such as Bichon Frise.

What are Ted Cruz's dogs called?

The rescue puppy is named Snowflake (gender unknown).

In 2014, Cruz announced his family had adopted a puppy for his two young daughters.

“A few weeks ago, as they were going to bed, Caroline and Catherine prayed, ‘Dear Jesus, please, please, PLEASE bring us a puppy,’” he posted on Facebook with a photo of one of the delighted girls holding the dog.

“Well, meet Snowflake, a rescue puppy who has made two little girls unbelievably happy.”

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