Horror as jet engine bursts into flames after take-off forcing all 200 passengers to flee using emergency slides on Russian flight

THIS is the moment a jet engine burst into flames minutes after take-off – forcing all 200 passengers to flee on emergency slides.

Horrifying footage shows flames raging from the left side of the Red Wings jet which was set to land in Sochi this morning.

Passengers can be heard fearing if they will make it home as cabin crew failed to immediately announce an emergency landing.

One can be heard saying: "Wait, is it actually on fire?" before another replies, "Yes! Really on fire, yes!"

Another on-board said: "Will we be going home or…? It feels like my desire to fly left me, just a bit."

A second video captures panic spreading throughout the aircraft as cabin crew can be heard struggling to keep passengers seated.

One can be heard shouting: "Don't take your seat belt off please. Take your seats! Don't stand up!"

All 202 on board, including crew members were safely evacuated when the plane landed at Ufa airport.

An airport source said: "There were no injuries reported.

"All firefighting and rescue units at the airport worked in line with the emergency plan.



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"Passengers were evacuated with the help of inflatable emergency escape slides seven minutes after the landing."

Psychologists and airline representatives are reported to be working with passengers.

The plane is currently undergoing tests.

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