Hanau shooting: Nine killed in German shisha bar ‘terror attack’ before ‘gunman’ found dead in flat next to another body – The Sun

NINE people were shot dead when a gunman opened fire on two shisha bars in the German town of Hanau, near Frankfurt, overnight.

German cops this morning confirmed the suspect's body had been found dead in a home nearby a few hours later – with the alleged killer found next to his mother.

Local newspaper Bild this morning reported the suspect – named as Tobias R – had left a confessional letter and video expressing extreme far-right views.

It was reported that the 43-year-old had written about eradicating people who couldn't be expelled from Germany.

The horror first unfolded on Wednesday night when the gunman stormed the Midnight shisha lounge about 10pm- spraying bullets at people inside.

A witness said: "Someone with a gun came in and shot people."

The suspect then fled the scene – heading to the shisha bar Arena barely two miles away where he again unleashed a series of shots at innocent bystanders.

Terrifying footage showed paramedics tend to a victim from one shooting as gunshots rang out nearby.

Photos showed a silver Mercedes covered in silver foil thought to have been damaged in one shooting outside the Arena Bar & Cafe.

The death toll this morning climbed to nine in the shisha shootings, with at least five people badly injured.

Witnesses and surveillance videos of the suspect's getaway car led authorities quickly to his home, near the scene of the second attack, where he was found dead near his 72-year-old mother, said Peter Beuth, the interior minister for the state of Hesse.

Authorities did not confirm any possible motive for the attack, or how the suspect died.

However, interior minister of the state of Hesse Peter Beuth, said Federal prosecutors were treating the shooting as an act of domestic terrorism.

Beuth said on Thursday: "This is an attack on our free and peaceful society".

Police have not released the identity of the alleged gunman, but said “there are currently no indications of further perpetrators.”

Police initially said they were hunting "unknown offenders" who fled and that a "dark vehicle" was seen speeding away from the first shooting at the Midnight bar.

Authorities later confirmed arrests had been made but were unable to confirm if they were definitely involved.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing eight or nine gunshots and at least one victim lying on the floor, and seeing empty bullet cartridges littering the floor.

Claus Kaminsky, the Mayor of Hanau, said: “I am deeply affected. The very fact that eight people lost their lives shakes me.

"But I ask all citizens not to participate in speculation.

"The police must now have the chance to clarify and sort out the situation – until then we should wait with prudence, however difficult it is."

The German government has since released a statement over the tragedy, saying: "The thoughts are with the people in Hanau this morning, in the middle of which an appalling crime was committed.

"Deep sympathy goes to the families affected, who mourn their dead."

German counter-terror prosecutors have now taken over investigations into the massacre.

German news agency dpa reported that police are examining a video the suspect may have posted online several days earlier in which he details a conspiracy theory about child abuse in the United States.

The authenticity of the video couldn't immediately be verified.

On a website registered by someone with the same name as the man in the video, Tobias R., the owner says he was born in Hanau in 1977 and grew up in the city, later training with a bank and completing a business degree in 2007.

The attack comes amid growing concerns about far-right violence in Germany.

Hanau is in the Main-Kinzig region about 12 miles east of Frankfurt and has about 100,000 inhabitants.

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