‘Gorilla Glue girl’ update: Tessica Brown will ‘see a surgeon’ for removal

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The Louisiana woman who went viral for using Gorilla Glue as hairspray may soon be getting out of her sticky situation.

Tessica Brown, whose hair has been stuck solid for a month, on Wednesday said she would be going to see a surgeon to get unstuck.

“I know everybody is concerned,” she wrote on Instagram. “I will be leaving tomorrow to go see a surgeon.”

Brown’s announcement came after TMZ reported that a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon had offered up his help free of charge.

Dr. Michael Obeng told Brown he could fix her hair using medical-grade glue remover in a procedure that could take three days.

Brown — who has raised more than $13,000 in an online fundraiser — was set to fly to Los Angeles Wednesday, the outlet said.

The procedure is estimated to cost $12,500, but Obeng has offered to do it for free, according to TMZ.

It’s unclear if Obeng is the surgeon Brown was referring to in her Instagram post.

Brown recently went viral when she revealed on TikTok how her hair had been stuck solid for a month after she used the extra-strong superglue because she ran out of her usual product.

She’s already tried medical help with a trip to the ER — but claimed the acetone treatment only made the situation worse and burned her scalp.

The super-strong glue is only intended to be used with products like wood, laminate, fabric, paper and cardboard.

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