France coronavirus mayhem as 2,000 Covidiots pack out illegal rave just as country soars past 10,000 daily cases

ALMOST 2,000 Covidiots packed out an illegal rave in France as the country recorded its highest number of Coronavirus infections yet.

France set a new daily record on Saturday with 10,561 people testing positive for the virus, the same day the illegal rave was held.

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Roland Zamora, the head of the French gendarmerie police force, told Ouest France: “There were a maximum of 1,800 people from the night of Saturday to Sunday."

Intent on not going home, more than 300 ravers remained on the site at 6pm on Sunday evening. 

The rave, which took place in the north-western French region of Brittany, was cleared out early Monday morning.

Patrick Pujol, the local mayor, told a French news outlet that he was surprised that the partygoers had managed to set everything up so fast and that he was disappointed that the police were not more severe.

Police reportedly intervened at around 5am on Sunday morning, carrying out drug tests and issuing fines.

It is expected that the organisers of the already banned event will now face hefty fines.

Large European nations are seeing a significant spike in infections, as France’s daily cases topped 10,000 for the first time on Saturday and Spain’s soared to 12,183 on Friday.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex has declined to announce any nationwide restrictions in response to the rise in cases – despite acknowledging a “clear worsening” in the country’s infection rate.

An increase in testing could explain the surge in cases in both countries.

Spain has suffered over 12,000 daily coronavirus cases – as global infections topped a record 300,000 in one day.

Spanish authorities have highlighted the country's bustling nightlife scene as the cause of the new surge in infections – and have launched a new #EstoNoEsUnJuego (#ThisIsNotAGame) campaign to encourage youngsters to socially distance and avoid crowds.

However, the positivity rate – which is the share of tests that return a positive result – has risen to 11 per cent in Spain and 5.4 per cent in France according to tracker OurWorldInData.

The positivity rate is considered a good metric for measuring the extent of the pandemic as it indicates the level of testing relative to the size of the outbreak.

The World Health Organisation said in May that a country does not have the pandemic under control until the positivity rate is lower than 5 per cent. 

Other countries in Europe, however, have not seen a notable surge in infections.

Sweden, which controversially chose not to lockdown in March and opted for a strategy of "herd immunity", has seen infections remain stable with its 7-day case rate standing at just 134 as of September 13.

The new outbreaks on the continent come as part of a global surge in cases, with the World Health Organisation reporting a record one-day rise of 307,930 infections in 24 hours.

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