EuroMillions draw latest: HUGE £46m Lottery jackpot up for grabs after Lotto Set For Life numbers revealed

EUROMILLIONS returns tonight with a staggering top prize of £46million up for the taking after the last two draws failed to produce a jackpot winner.

The huge twice-weekly draw is a popular fixture for Brits, who have been urged to get their tickets before the game closes at 7.30pm SHARP if they wish to play.

Yesterday's Set For Life draw so no winners of awhopping jackpot of £10k a month for 30 YEARS up for grabs.

Thursday's winning numbers were 03, 09, 21, 29 and 45, while the Life Ball was 07.

Meanwhile Saturday's National Lottery jackpot has rolled over to a tasty £11.1million.

Just 48 players managed to net themselves £1,750 in the Lotto main draw on Wednesday by matching five numbers, while a further 3,120 earned £140 each by matching four numbers.

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    Family drama

    In 2016, the Davies family won £61million on the EuroMillions.

    Stephanie Davies, then 23, reluctantly bought a ticket after mum Sonia begged her to.

    Sonia, who worked as an administration assistant, was in the US having vital but succesful surgery to remove a cancerous tumour and had an inkling her luck was about to change.

    But even this happy family couldn’t avoid controversy as it was reported father of the family Keith, of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, would share his cash with his daughters with ex Mandy – but his stepson was allegedly snubbed.

    Keith’s partner Sonia’s estranged son Spencer Pugh claimed he would not see a penny of the £61million EuroMillions win.

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    Just keep swimming

    People born under the sign of Pisces are the most likely to win the lottery, according to research from Lotto and MailOnline.

    The data, which was based on those winning the top lottery jackpot, found that 11.6% of the winners were Pisces.

    This means 1/12th of the population make up between 1/9 and 1/8 of all lottery winners.

    The fish sign – for those born between late February and late March – is more likely to stumble upon extraordinarily lucky breaks and often find themselves effortlessly attracting most things on their wish list.

    So, Pisces, if you’re reading this maybe you should get down to the shops and buy a lottery ticket…

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    Scooped £1m – but won’t trade in the Ford Focus

    A MUM who won £1m on the EuroMillions says the prize has given her family “so many options” – but won't trade in her old car

    Holly Saul scooped the prize in the UK draw after her father-in-law reminded her to purchase a ticket – despite her partner, Ben, telling her he was not “gullible enough” to play.

    Now she is considering reducing her working hours and Ben – who has twice lost his job to Covid- is hoping to retrain as a video games designer.

    But Holly has said she intends to continue working and won’t be trading in their reliable Ford Focus – much to her daughter’s “disgust”.

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    ‘I still shop in Primark despite winning £1.8m’

    A NATIONAL Lottery winning dinner lady still lives in her council house, shops in Primark and drives a Kia despite bagging £1.8million.

    Trish Emson, 51, explained money or her millionaire status did not change her or her partner Graham Norton, also 51, who still works as a decorator.

    The down-to-earth pair have even managed to keep their teenage son Benjamin, 17, in check – and don’t even give him pocket money.

    The modest mum, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, said: “Being rich doesn’t make you posh or a better person.

    “I don’t like showing off and bragging about money and I can’t be posh anyway.

    “To look at me you wouldn’t think I was a millionaire, but if I have to dress up I feel fake, I prefer my jeans,” she told The Mirror.

    Read the article in full here.

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    Unluckiest winner of all time

    That was the case for one young couple this week who missed out on the £182million Euromillions jackpot  when they realised their winning ticket payment hadn’t gone through.

    Rachel Kennedy, 19, and Liam McCrohan, 21, from Hertfordshire were “absolutely heartbroken” when they realised their usual numbers had come up, but they had won nothing.

    The couple, both students, had played the winning numbers of 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, 6 and 11 for five weeks in a row before all seven digits appeared in Friday’s draw.

    Rachel’s account was set up to automatically buy a Euromillions ticket with her usual numbers but because her account did not have the right funds, the ticket payment did not go through.

    “I called the number thinking that I had won £182million and they said ‘yeah you’ve got the right numbers but you didn’t have the funds in your account for the payment of the ticket so it didn’t actually go through’,” Rachel said.

    Read the article in full here.

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    Biggest lotto winners in history

    1. £1.308 billion (Powerball) on January 13 2016 in the US, for which three winning tickets were sold, remains history’s biggest lottery prize
    2. £1.267 billion (Mega Million) a winner from South Carolina took their time to come forward to claim their prize in March 2019 not long before the April deadline
    3. £633.76 million (Powerball draw) from a winner from Wisconsin
    4. £625.76 million (Powerball) Mavis L. Wanczyk of Chicopee, Massachusetts claimed the jackpot in August 2017
    5. £575.53 million (Powerball) A lucky pair of winners scooped the jackpot in Iowa and New York in October 2018
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    Where does money raised by the Lottery go?

    In the year ending 31 March 2021, the funds were shared as follows:

    • Health, education, environment and charitable causes – 40%
    • Sport – 20%
    • Arts – 20%
    • Heritage – 20%

    Best numbers to pick for EuroMillions

    For the Euromillions, the most popular number is 50, followed by 44, 19, 4 and 30.

    The most common extra numbers have been 8 and 3. 

    Many players therefore use these same numbers, despite no set of number being mathematically more (or indeed less) likely than any other combination to come out of the machine.

    What is the EuroMillions?

    EuroMillions is a lottery game in which players from participating European countries join in the fun to win huge life changing jackpots.

    Players can pick five numbers from 1-50 and two Lucky Stars from 1-12, or they can try a Lucky Dip for randomly selected numbers. 

    The EuroMillions runs on Tuesday’s or Friday’s every week. Remember, to play on a draw day, you’ll need to buy your ticket before 7.30pm.

    All results are published here on the blog from around 9.30pm.

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      ‘Britain’s wealthiest couple’

      Colin and Chris Weir, of Largs, North Ayrshire, became one of Britain’s wealthiest couples when they won over £161m in 2011.

      Adrian and Gillian Bayford, from Haverhill, Suffolk, picked up £148,656,000 after they played the draw on August, 10, 2012, while Jane Park became Britain’s youngest lottery winner when she scooped up £1 million in 2013.

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      From mansion to homeless

      Ex-jailbird Lee Ryan scooped the £6.5million jackpot just 17 weeks after the lottery was launched on November 14 1994. He made headlines when it emerged he was accused of handling stolen cars and was imprisoned for 18 months after his huge payout.

      Lee then spent a decade living the high life and splashed his car on luxury cars, a helicopter and a £2million mansion.

      But Lee ended up penniless, spent two years living on the street and shacked up in a tiny flat in London he shared with homeless pals.

      “The money was cursed because I took the p**s out of God when I asked him to make me a multimillionaire. My cellmate warned me to be careful what I wished for,” he said.

      Lee ended up splitting with Karen Taylor, his girlfriend of eight years, and moved to London where he met a 25-year-old from Kyrgyzstan.

      They took an ill-fated trip to the Central Asian country where Lee attempted to invest the last of his winnings in property.

      But he returned empty-handed, claiming to have been stitched up by investors following the Kyrgyzstan revolution in 2010.

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      The 10 easiest lottery draws to win

      • FranceLoto – odds 1:5.99
      • Swedish Lottery – odds 1:7
      • Oz Lotto – odds 1:8
      • Polish Mini Lotto – odds 1:8.5
      • UK National Lottery – odds 1:9.3
      • Spanish Lotto – odds 1:10
      • Austria Lotto – odds 1:12
      • Irish Lotto – odds 1:13
      • Mega Millions Lottery – odds 1:24
      • Powerball Lotto – odds 1:24.87

      ‘We wonn £115m, then gave our winnings away’

      A £115million jackpot is probably enough to not just change your life, but the lives of everyone you’ve ever cared about too.

      Which is probably why Frances and Patrick Connolly decided to give over half of their winnings to 175 people.

      “We won £114,969,775.70 and we have given away more than half,” Frances said last year.

      “That’s £60million-worth of love. And the thing that makes me even happier is that every single person we gave money to has passed some of it on to other people. I can’t think of a day since winning the Lottery that I haven’t smiled.”

      Read more here.

      Number 27 most likely to help punters scoop a jackpot

      National Lottery ball number 27 is the most likely to help punters win a jackpot, researchers say.

      It has made more appearances than any other in 3,071 draws in the past ten years.

      The number came up 399 times in the UK National Lottery, Thunderball, EuroMillions and Irish Lotto.

      That is 141 more times than number 57, the unluckiest number, which was drawn just 258 times.

      The second luckiest is 54, which appeared 387 times. It was followed by 29, 42, 52 and 58 in joint third on 381 times.

      The next luckiest was number 20 with 378. Then came 23, with 372.

      Set For Life numbers revealed

      Tonight's Natioanl Lottery Set For Life results have dropped.

      Thursday's winning numbers are:3, 9, 21, 29 and 45.

      The Life Ball is 07

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        Set For Life draw in 15 minutes time

        Set For Life will take place shortly.

        You can watch the draw take place on the National Lottery website.

        Alternatively, stay tuned to our blog for the latest updates and numbers.

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        Set For Life returns at 8pm

        The National Lottery's Set For Life draw returns at 8pm this evening.

        Players could be in with a chance of winning £10k a month for the next 30 YEARS.

        But be quick and get your tickets now – as the game closes at 7.30pm SHARP.

        Good luck!

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        How does the National Lottery work?

        The National Lottery raises money to go to many ‘good causes’ and have helped give out numerous grants to those that need it most.

        On their website they state: “We retain around just 1% of revenue in profit, while around 95% of total revenue goes back to winners and society. More so, we run one of the most cost-efficient major lotteries in Europe, with around 4% of total revenue spent on operating costs.

        “To date, National Lottery players have helped to raise over £43 billion for Good Causes, with more than 635,000 individual awards made across the UK – the equivalent of more than 225 lottery grants in every UK postcode district.”

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        National Lottery weekly timetable

        Here’s a timetable for all UK lottery games including Lotto, EuroMillions and Set For Life.

        There is a draw six nights a week.

        It should be noted that there are no draws on Sundays.

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        Count your lucky stars

        Well according to the stars, it seems that some of us are much more likely to get it than others.

        Before we get to the big reveal of which sign is most likely to pick the right balls and become a millionaire, let’s take a look at some of the other lucky stars in the zodiac.

        • Leo
        • Virgo
        • Scorpio

        Dinner lady jackpot winner who vowed to keep working

        Karen Dakin, 53, won in the draw hours before Mother’s Day, with numbers based on the birth of her son Callum, 14.

        She said: “My son has, in some strange way, helped give me the most amazing Mother’s Day gift of all time!”

        She added: “I’ve always picked numbers special to me, including my son Callum’s date of birth – the year and the time – so I instantly recognised the winning numbers.

        “What an amazing turn of events.”

        Read more here.

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          Recap: What were Wednesday's Lotto numbers?

          Meanwhile, the HotPicks £350,000 jackpot also went unclaimed on Wednesday.

          The winning Lotto numbers were 08, 20, 22, 39, 47 and 48 – and the bonus ball was 16.

          Set of balls nine was used and the draw machine was Merlin.

          The Thunderball numbers were 06, 07, 15, 22 and 38 – and the Thunderball was 01.

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          Saturday Lotto jackpot rises to £11million after no winners last night

          The National Lottery jackpot has risen to more than £11 million after no-one matched six numbers in Wednesday's draw.

          But one lucky ticket-holder did scoop the £500,000 top prize on the Thunderball game.

          Just 48 players managed to net themselves £1,750 in the Lotto main draw by matching five numbers, while a further 3,120 earned £140 each by matching four numbers.

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          How many times can the EuroMillions be rolled over?

          The original rules of EuroMillions allowed the jackpot to roll 11 times before the Must Be Won draw.

          New rules introduced in 2016, stated that the top prize would stay at its cap for four draws before having to be won in the next draw.

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          When must a EuroMillions jackpot be won?

          According to the regulations, Euromillions must be won when the jackpot has stayed at £185 million cap for four consecutive draws.

          The fifth draw at the cap is a Must Be Won draw which means that all the prize money will be awarded even if there is no one to match all five numbers and both Lucky Stars.

          In that case, the jackpot money moves to the next tier where there are winners, for example, Match 5 plus one Lucky Star.

          If there are no winners in that category either, the jackpot rolls down to the next category.

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