Dull five-bedroom home goes on sale for £590,000 – but it hides a VERY raunchy secret

A DULL five-bedroom home has gone on sale for £590,000 – but it is hiding a VERY raunchy secret.

The family-sized home looks unassuming from the outside but it has a secret nightclub and strip club hidden in the basement.

The home, in Indianapolis, USA, is complete with a grand dining table perfect for Christmas, a pool, comfortable furnishings, a large deck and sizeable garden.

But the downstairs conversion has been described as the “hottest club in Indiana.”

The property is based in a quiet cul-de-sac and has five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

Decorated with wooden accents throughout, the unsuspecting house offers a 5,000 sq ft interior and appears to be a typical abode.

The underground floor has been remodelled into a bar, complete with fully-stocked fridges of booze, black booths, a pool table, neon signs, large bar area and space to dance.

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Even more surprisingly, one area of the makeshift bar has been transformed into a strip club – complete with a stage, stripper poles, disco ball and a large viewing sofa.

Pictures of the home were shared online, where viewers were stunned by the basement conversion.

One person said: “I live just across the border in Illinois. That may really be the hottest club in Indiana.”

“Business in the front, party in the back,” another user added.

Someone else commented: “Ultimate house for introverts, you can go out and stay in at the same time!”

The property is on the market via the owner on Zillow for $799,900.

In another bizarre Zillow find, a magnificent fairytale castle that looks straight out of a Disney film comes with a sinister secret and is up for sale for £1.7million.

The stunning 26-room, five-storey fortress would be a perfect fit for an "eccentric" buyer who would love to "live like Tudor royalty."

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