Drive thru angel raises $1,700 to outdo fast food Grinch

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Feroza Syed was furious.

A man in the car in front of her at a McDonald’s drive thru had thrown a large drink back at the woman working the window. When Syed, an Atlanta area real estate agent, moved forward, she saw the worker was covered in soda and crying.

She was also six months pregnant.

Syed told her she got a photo of the man’s license place, and the woman could press charges for assault, but she declined. So Syed gave her a $20 tip, “apologized for the a–holes of the world” and drove away.

“I was really angry, almost like appalled that somebody would behave that way, especially the people who are taking care of us, providing us with food, water, essentials,” Syed told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Hours later, still fuming, she shared the experience and her anger to her more than 5,600 followers on Facebook.

She soon discovered she was not alone in wanting to show the woman that there are good people in the world.

Syed’s friends and followers started donating $5s and $10s, raising $1,700 in just 24 hours.

Syed returned to the McDonald’s to track the woman down.

It took a few visits, but she was finally able to connect with the woman, whose name is Bryanna. “(Feroza) was like …’I have a surprise for you and I really want to give it to you in person’ so I sent her my address,” Bryanna told CNN, asking that her last name not be included. “She gave me the envelope and I couldn’t do nothing but cry because I wasn’t expecting that.”

Syed shared Byranna’s Cash App and Venmo handles in subsequent posts, asking for subsequent donations to go directly to her. And Friday, she shared a baby registry at Target. Of the 51 items in the registry, just seven were left to purchase Saturday morning.

“She told me today while we were on the phone that was the Grinch that tried to steal Christmas but couldn’t do it,” Syed said.

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