Dramatic moment cops ram moped thug exposed by Amanda Holden off the road

DRAMATIC footage shows the moment cops smashed a moped thug exposed by Amanda Holden off the road.

The Britain's Got Talent judge posted a video of the criminals threatening to snatch a three-year-old which went viral.

Police helicopter footage released today shows cops smashing a moped thug off the road during a dramatic chase through the streets of London.

The gang were this afternoon jailed for nearly 45 years after they were caught by police and their horrific crimes revealed.

A court heard they had committed a staggering 383 offences between them.

Three of the 12 thugs who were also behind a string of high profile robberies and burglaries across London were given a total of 19 years and four months in a young offenders institution.

Police have been trialling a new technique of smashing moped-riding criminals with cars to unseat and catch them.

Metropolitan Police officers are now able to ram into moped-riding thieves even when they're not wearing helmets, riding dangerously or disguising themselves.

Two were spared jail with four years' of driving bans and tagged curfews and orders for unpaid work handed down.


The dramatic footage, captured from a police helicopter, shows the thugs attempting to escape from cops on two motorbikes, while being chased by police cars.

Four gang members speed away on two bikes, before one falls to the ground and all four climb onto the same bike.

The chase continues for some minutes before a police car eventually clips the bike and knocks the thugs onto the ground.

They are all then seen to scatter from the scene on foot.

One runs through a graveyard before tiring out and trying to make a phone call, at which point he is caught by a police officer.

Cops had been criticised due to a widespread belief that they weren't allowed to pursue a suspect on a moped if they weren't wearing a helmet.

But proposed changes in the law make it explicit that specially trained police drivers can chase a rider without a helmet.


The 12-strong gang, three of whom had no previous convictions, was also behind a string of high profile raids across London, including stealing £170,000 of camera equipment used to film the Oxford and Cambridge boat race.

Today the thugs, aged between 18 and 36, and who were all linked to ringleader Terry Marsh, 32, appeared at the court for 12 offences, including conspiracy to rob, conspiracy to burgle, conspiracy to steal, criminal damage and handling stolen goods.

Judge Georgina Kent sentenced them at Kingston Crown Court after hearing nine of them had committed a staggering 383 previous convictions including for burglaries, handling stolen goods, car theft, aggravated vehicle taking, assault and robbery.

These were very professional planned and organised offences

She said: "All 12 of you have been involved in conspiracies to steal, burgle and rob as well as other offences.

"These were very professional planned and organised offences. The common denominator is Terry Marsh."Footage of a distressing robbery last June went viral and was shared by BGT judge Amanda Holden, who urged the public to call the police "if u know these scumbags".The thugs were chased away by builders brandishing scaffolding poles after they spotted them demanding the mother hand over her jewellery in Richmond, south-west London.Judge Kent added: "At about 12.30pm on 21st June 2018 Mr Marsh, Mr Weller, Isaac McFadyen and John McFadyen attempted to rob a young mother who was with her child."Apart from the impact on the victim, the nature of offences caused shock and concern to those who heard about it."The McFadyen brothers approached the mother Phoebe Reule as she was walking hand in hand with her three-year-old son after picking him up from nursery.The judge said: "John McFadyen grabbed hold of Ms Reule by the arm, as he did so John McFadyen demanded her rings and threatened to hurt her child."He said, 'give me your rings or I'm going to hurt your child and take him away'. As he said that he bent down as if to move towards the child."


Steven Weller, 36, of Ealing, west London, admitted conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to burgle.Marsh, of Fulham, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob, conspiracy to steal and conspiracy to burgle.He apologised to the woman and her daughter in court. His defence barrister Zarif Khan said: "He would specifically like to put forward an apology to the lady concerned in the Sandpits incident."When I spoke to him yesterday, he said he was extremely ashamed and indeed he found it difficult to watch the video."John McFadyen, of Feltham, west London, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob, while his brother Isaac, 18, admitted conspiracy to rob.Weller was jailed for six years and seven months – four years and a month for conspiracy to rob the young mother; with consecutive four months for conspiracy to steal and 26 months for conspiracy to burgle.Marsh was jailed for 13 years and two months with four years-and-a-half for the attempted robbery. He got four years consecutive for the conspiracy to steal and another four years and eight months for conspiracy to burgle.Isaac McFadyen got two years and eight months in a youth offenders institution for the attempted robbery.John McFadyen got two years and eight months in jail for the same offence.BGT judge Holden, 48, later tweeted to say she was "delighted" that the gang has been exposed.She wrote: "Delighted about this! Let's not forget the real heroes were the guys in the truck!"

We were at home and heard a woman shouting ‘my baby, don’t take my baby. At first I thought it was just road rage but the road was soon cordoned off and full of police

Witnesses told The Sun Online they heard a mum screaming “don’t take my baby” during the terrifying incident in June last year.

But by the time she had made her way down to the road the attackers had made their escape.

She said: “We were at home and heard a woman shouting ‘my baby, don’t take my baby’.

“At first I thought it was just road rage but the road was soon cordoned off and full of police.

“It was obvious that it was something more serious and we’ve now seen the CCTV footage which is shocking."

The gang first came to attention on New Year's Eve 2017 after a ram raid on outdoor clothing company Altimus Ltd in Kensington using a stolen Range Rover and several mopeds.

Three were arrested last May after a high-speed police chase which lasted more than 90 minutes and spanned ten London boroughs.

The trio, who were piled on the same moped and drove the wrong way up the A40, tried to film their escape attempt.

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