Dogs remain eerily still like statues until owner whistles at them

Stay! Owner trains her three sheepdogs to remain eerily still like statues until she whistles for them to run off

  • Evelyn Edblad, from Sundsvall, Vasternorrland, Sweden, taught dogs to stay still
  • The Australian Kelpies named Jackson, Cash and X, do not flinch for 30 seconds
  • Evelyn said: ‘The behavior comes with training and their instinct as sheepdogs’
  • Kelpies are a rare sheepdog breed and were used in the Australian Outback

An owner has trained her three sheepdogs to remain eerily still until she gives them a command. 

Photographer Evelyn Edblad, from Sundsvall, Vasternorrland  in Sweden, taught her three brown and black Australian Kelpies to not move a muscle until she signals they are free by whistling. 

The dogs, named Jackson, Cash and X, stare down the camera as they try not to blink at their owner, who took the trio out on her lunch break. 

The dogs named Jackson, Cash and X went out on a walk with their owner Evelyn Edblad, from Sundsvall, Vasternorrland in Sweden. The three stare down the camera as they try not to even blink until Evelyn whistles for them to run free 

The Australian Kelpie is a type of sheepdog originally bred for herding cattle, reindeer, goats and poultry in the Outback during the hot climate. 

Kelpies are believed to have originated from breeding a Border Collie and various other herding dogs. 

They are not usually bought as pets but are common on farms and ranches in Australia. 

Just like statues: Evelyn puts the dogs to the test as she walks behind them to see if they falter

Evelyn decides to test the dogs by walking around the back of them to see if they move. 

However, the well-behaved dogs remain motionless as they stand in the pathway leading to the woodland.  

In a spooky 30 seconds the dogs tails are held poised in the air with their ears pricked up. 

Evelyn whistles at the dogs and they dart off together towards the woodlands while their owner waits behind. 

Ready, set, go! The three dogs dart off into the woods after Evelyn whistles to signal they are free to run off

The dogs zoom in the direction of the woodland as they try to keep up with each other 

The dog enthusiast posted the video on Youtube and said: ‘This was filmed during a regular lunch walk with my dogs. I’ve taught Jackson, Cash, and X to stay still on command before I give them the signal that they are free to go.  

‘They then freeze in expectation, knowing they’ll soon get to run around.’ 

She added: ‘The behavior comes with a little training combined with their instinct as sheepdogs, the breed is bred to herd, where they’ll freeze while controlling the sheep.’

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