D-Day’s first 24 hours captured in haunting new photos released in book marking 75th anniversary

THE historic day that changed the world, remembered as D-Day, is captured in haunting new pictures released in a book which marks the 75th anniversary.

Images show the first 24 hours of the day that marked the end of World War II, when Nazi soldiers surrendered to US troops.

The photographs have been released ahead of the 75th anniversary of the historic invasion, which marked the beginning of final phase of World War II.

The book describes the dramatic history of the first 24 hours of the Normandy landings and explains in detail the events that occurred in each landing zone.

Nearly 7000 ships landed over 132,000 US, British and Canadian troops on the beaches of Normandy in the biggest amphibious landing ever attempted.

During that first day, the Allied forces were at their most vulnerable to German counterattack, as Field Marshal Rommel had realised.

Had the Germans mounted a significant attack and the landings failed as a result, the course of the war in Europe would have been significantly altered.

A massive military force led by British, American and Canadian units set out from England towards France before dawn.

They landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the Normandy coastline.

The landings were the start of a fierce period of conflict in occupied Europe before the Nazis were finally defeated in May 1945.

World leaders including Donald Trump are set to attend memorial events in Normandy next month to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

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