Couple found guilty of murdering days-old daughter while on meth

A young Georgia couple high on meth were found guilty of murdering their infant, according to a report.

FOX 5 Atlanta reported that Courtney Marie Bell and Christopher McNabb would face harsh sentences for the death of their 15-day-old daughter, Caliyah, in 2017.

McNabb was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 10 years.

Bell was sentenced to 30 years in prison, plus another 10-year sentence to serve concurrently.

The jury convicted the couple in an hour.

The couple reported their daughter missing; the girl was found in a bag that belonged to McNabb.

During her sentencing, Bell said, “Y’all know I didn’t do this.”

Superior Court Judge John Ott, as the news outlet reported, told Bell her actions “flies in the face of what any mother would do” by using meth.

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