Counter-protester shoved by the neck at Staten Island Trump rally

A man was filmed shoving a counter-protester by the neck during one of several tense altercations at a Staten Island rally for President Trump on Saturday.

The clip begins with one man in sunglasses and a “Make America Great Again” hat cursing at the counterprotester, who is wearing a blue Lycra bodysuit, calling him a “mutt” during the rally in the borough’s Charleston neighborhood.

“Get off the drugs, ya mutt! Ya little mutt, ya!,” the man can be heard shouting. “Get off the f–king drugs, ya c—sucker.”

Shortly after, someone standing alongside the bellicose, MAGA-hatted man points to the counter-protester.

“This is Antifa, right?” he says.

“Why do you think we’re Antifa?” the counter-protester asks.

Another counter-protester chimes in, saying, “Antifa doesn’t exist,” infuriating the man wearing the Trump hat.

“They don’t exist!? How about they hit my f–king grandmother, motherf–ker,” he replies, apparently referring to a previous incident.

Eventually, a man standing nearby shoved the Lycra-clad counter-protester by the neck, shouting at him to leave. It was not clear what interactions preceded the video.

The group of Trump supporters are then filmed chatting amicably with police officers at the scene as the counter-protester tried to inform the officers that he was shoved.

“Hey this guy … grabbed me by the neck,” he said.

The Trump supporters in the altercation were later filmed palling around with officers.

“You guys got your hands tied,” one of them says to a cop, shaking his hand.

The rally was held to wish the president well after he tested positive for the coronavirus and boost the profiles of local republicans running for office.

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