Could turmeric tablets unleash your dog's inner puppy this winter?

‘I felt like I had my old dog back’: Could turmeric tablets unleash your dog’s inner puppy this winter?

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As winter draws in, thousands of people in the UK will be looking to include supplements in their health routine to help support their bones and joints as the chilly weather starts to bite.

But when you’re a dog, how can you let people know that you’d like some support, too? Older and ailing pets rely on their caring owners to work out what they need.

Jenny Meyers, 50, got the first clue that something was up with her beloved chocolate Labrador, Branston, when he started slowing down. Sometimes he’d stumble and trip over his front legs, landing on his nose.

Jenny started to notice Branston was slowing down and becoming unstable on his feet 

‘I hate to see Branston in any discomfort,’ says Jenny. ‘He was my first family dog and we share a very strong bond.’

Since taking CurcuPet-K9, Branston has stopped stumbling and is back to being his old bouncy self 

Jenny’s friend recommended he try turmeric supplements, and Branston started to take CurcuPet-K9 tablets.

‘Within a couple of weeks he had stopped stumbling. I couldn’t believe it.’

‘He’s a happy bunny again and it’s made me happier. It saddens me greatly that I could have done something earlier than I did. I just wish I’d found CurcuPet-K9 sooner!’

CurcuPet-K9, formulated by FutureYou Cambridge, works in a very similar way to their best-selling bones and joints supplement for people, Turmeric+.

‘Customers started telling us they were giving Turmeric+ to their pets,’ says their CEO Adam Cleevely, based in Cambridge. ‘Their feedback was so positive that we created a special product first for dogs, and more recently for cats.’

The key active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, but it’s difficult for our bodies to absorb.

To make it more ‘bioavailable’, the scientists at FutureYou Cambridge use a patented Curcuma Phospholipid Complex formulation that is 30 times more absorbable in humans than standard turmeric powder.

Éric Chavot, 54, a French London-based chef with Solo, his Cocker Spaniel

‘We know that dogs in the UK are living longer and, just like their owners, they need help to deal with issues we all experience with age. Owners are in tune with their dogs and know what’s best for them.’ says Cleeveley.

After an accident left Solo, a young Working Cocker Spaniel, showing signs of discomfort, his owner Éric Chavot, 54, realised from his own experience of Turmeric+ that a supplement might be helpful.

Éric, a London-based French chef, and his wife Christine were delighted to discover that a canine version was available, CurcuPet-K9.

CurcuPet-K9, formulated by FutureYou Cambridge, works in a very similar way to their best-selling bones and joints supplement for people, Turmeric+

Christine explains: ‘He broke toes in both hind paws when he jumped over a balustrade to greet us and fell onto a stone path. At the time we didn’t know about the breaks – he jumped up, shook himself and ran around the lawn and seemed absolutely fine.

‘It wasn’t until around a year later that we knew something was up. Uncharacteristically, during walks he started to sit down refusing to move and I would have to carry him back to the car.

‘Spaniels are typically very active, so of course we became very concerned when he was no longer bounding around like he used to.

‘I had read the reviews about CurcuPet-K9 and Éric was on Turmeric+ so we thought we would try Solo on the canine version.’

‘We’re so glad we did. He’s now been on the turmeric tablets for two years and it’s made a huge difference to his enjoyment of being outdoors. He’s so much happier on his walks. He’s back to being eager to get out, no longer refuses to move and has stopped chewing his hind paws for hours after a walk.’

Vicki J Adams, Acting Chief Executive of the Animal Cancer Trust and Editor of Veterinary Record Open says: ‘I cannot overemphasise the importance of [animals] keeping fit and active to prevent so many health issues. Many of the health challenges in humans can also affect our pets. Being active is also good for the psychological wellbeing of our pets.’

Diane Pool with her 13 year-old Golden Retriever, Pippa

Usually, a dog owner’s own experience of turmeric supplements convinces them to give it to their dogs – but sometimes it works the other way around.

‘I was so impressed with the canine turmeric I decided to take the human form – Turmeric+,’ says Diane Pool from North Yorkshire.

She started giving CurcuPet-K9 to her elderly golden retriever, Pippa, after noticing that she’d lost her enthusiasm for walks.

Pippa’s experience with CurcuPet-K9 even convinced owner Diane to start taking the human form – Turmeric+

‘It saddened me to see Pippa stay in her basket when she saw me getting ready to go out for a walk. It wasn’t like her at all,’ says Diane.

‘I read about CurcuPet-K9 and felt I had nothing to lose, so I decided to give them to Pippa in her food. After just a few weeks, I felt like I had my old dog again. She has a spring back in her step – it’s wonderful.

‘It really made me smile after Pippa started on the turmeric tablets and a young couple asked me how old my puppy was. Not bad for a 14-year-old! I now tell all my dog-walking friends about CurcuPet-K9.’

‘Pippa did me a great favour. We both now enjoy our walks more than ever. I like to sew and I’m able to get out of my chair more easily when I’ve been sitting for a long time – I’m so happy we’ve both discovered these science-backed supplements. I can’t recommend them highly enough.’

FutureYou Cambridge also supports the animal welfare charity Blue Cross for their work on arthritis in dogs. In September, they held a ‘Woof in the Woods’ event, a fun, sponsored ramble for doggies and their owners through Thetford Forest.

‘Woof in the Woods’ was a sponsored ramble in Thetford Forest to raise money for animal welfare charity Blue Cross which FutureYou Cambridge also support

Emma Jones, Events Manager at Blue Cross, says: ‘The work Blue Cross does to help vulnerable pets is totally reliant on donations and public support so we want to say a huge thank you to FutureYou Cambridge for setting up this event.’

‘We’re absolutely thrilled we’re supporting thousands of older dogs and cats to stay happy and active,’ says Futureyou Cambridge CEO Adam Cleevely. ‘We’d love to support more pets, which is why we’re making an introductory offer for new customers across our pet health range.’

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* CurcuPet-K9 and CurcuCat are dietary food supplements specifically formulated for use in adult dogs and cats. It is not intended to restore, treat or correct physiological function in pets. You should keep your vet advised of any concerns you have about your pet’s health, and make sure they are aware of any supplements your pet is taking.

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