Costa Rican footballer devoured by croc after swimming in river

Costa Rican footballer, 29, is devoured by a crocodile after swimming in river as predator is seen with body in its jaws

  •  Footballer Jesus Alberto Lopez Ortiz was devoured by a crocodile as he swam
  • The father-of-two was taking a dip in a Costa Rican river when he was attacked

A Costa Rican footballer has tragically died after being devoured by a crocodile while taking a dip in a river to cool off. 

Jesus Alberto Lopez Ortiz, whose nickname was ‘Chucho’, died after he was mercilessly killed by the reptile on July 29 as he tried cooling off in a river in Río Cañas, Guanacaste Province, in Costa Rica.

Horrific images show the father-of-two fighting for life as he was carried away by the animal in its jaws. 

Another clip shows the croc being shot dead in the water and carried to the riverbank, with local residents saying that they followed it in a canoe to recover Chucho’s body.

The victim was a footballer for Deportivo Rio Cañas who leaves behind his young children, who are aged three and eight

Costa Rican footballer Chucho (pictured) tragically leaves behind two young kids, aged eight and three

The father-of-two was mauled to death while taking a dip in a river in the village he lived in 

Horrifying photos captured the killer croc carrying the footballer in its mouth as it swam

Local residents tracked the animal down and killed it so they could recover the footballer’s body

Chucho’s family are appealing to members of the public to help them pay for his funeral costs. 

His team’s manager, Luis Carlos Montes, is also organising a collection for the victim’s family.

His team said in a social media post: ‘We will remember you in the many facets of your sporting life as a coach, football player and also as a family father. You will always live in our hearts Chucho, fly high friend.’

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy prohibits the hunting or killing of protected animals such as crocodiles.

It is not currently known if the department is looking into the locals’ decision to kill the crocodile so locals could collect the body.

Local police said in a statement: “It should be clarified that all efforts were made to rescue the body of the deceased person without causing damage to the reptile, which was not possible.” 

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