Cops record a domestic violence incident every minute, shocking figures show – The Sun

COPS are recording incidents of domestic violence at a rate of one every MINUTE, shock figures show.

Investigators have seen the abuse allegations rocket where the victim is the partner or family member of a suspect.

Police forces logged 458,711 violent assaults last year which was a staggering jump of forty per cent in just two years.

It means that there is an average of 350 MORE domestic abuse attacks recorded every day now than there were two years ago.

This huge rise comes despite Theresa May making a pledge in 2016, when she was still Home Secretary, to put “an end” to domestic violence.

Responding to figures back then, which also showed a rise in the levels of domestic violence, she said: “Domestic violence is a devastating crime that shatters the lives of victims and families and the Government is determined to put an end to it.”

The figures from the ten regions of England and Wales show that across the last three years the number of violence domestic abuse assaults has seen a double-digit rise in all but one area.

Domestic abuse assaults, victims’ charities say the toll is just the tip of the iceberg with masses of incidents going unrecorded.


A separate study of domestic abuse victims found that four percent of women victims were left so traumatised they tried to kill themselves.

One third needing medical attention for the injuries they suffered.

Sandra Horley, Chief Executive of Refuge, said: “We know that the majority of domestic abuse goes unreported. Less than one-fifth of women in our refuges reported the abuse they suffered to the police.

“The appalling reality remains that a quarter of women in the UK will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. These shocking figures have barely changed in decades.

“Far greater attention needs to be given to both prevention of violence against women and girls and provision of specialist support to victims.”

A Home Office spokesperson said: “The Government is determined to shine a light on what has traditionally been a hidden and under reported crime

“Protecting victims and supporting survivors is at the heart of our strengthened response including the draft Domestic Abuse Bill. It is encouraging to see more victims having the confidence to come forward and report abuse.

We will continue to work with the police and other agencies to increase awareness, improve the response and support available and make sure no one feels they have to suffer in silence.”

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