Cheeky lad caught SWEARING at his mum and giving her two-finger salute during school nativity play

A CHEEKY little lad left his mum red-faced by SWEARING at her with a two-finger salute during his school nativity.

Frankie Tarney, then six, was said to be desperate to get off stage while playing one of the three wise men for his school's Christmas play.

His mum Nikki, 39, said he felt under pressure at being in the limelight and made the sign as she lifted her camera to take a snap.

But although she gestured at him to stop, her son continued to hold his fingers high.

Nikki, from Littleborough, Greater Manchester, said: "He didn't like being one of the main stars, he's used to being a sheep or a donkey.

"Just after a song finished all his nerves got to him – he thought people were looking at him – I had my camera out and I just happened to catch him.

"I looked at him and was thinking 'what's he just done?'.

"It wasn't a quick 'v' it was a very long drawn out 'v' like 'don't look at me'. He stayed there for quite a while [like that]."

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Nikki, who was watching the performance with Frankie's dad Steven, said she scanned the room to see who was looking and quickly mouthed at Frankie to put his hand down.

She added: "I was mortified, you obviously don't want your kid swearing in front of everyone. It's a catholic school and they're quite strict.

"We clocked a few faces looking at me open-mouthed as if to say 'has your kid just done that?' some people didn't notice as they were too busy looking at their own kids."

The nurse, who lives with partner Graham Sunderland, 48, said she thinks Frankie picked up the salute from his older sister Sophia, 12.

But he know its meaning at the time.

Nikki said: "I remember thinking 'oh my god let the ground swallow me up'.

"A couple of mums started giggling as they could see me and his dad Steve shaking and wobbling up and down.

"I didn't want Frankie to see us – it would have caused a ruckus if we kept looking at each other."

Frankie now knows the gesture isn't one to share at school, and had a good laugh about it when his mum showed him the photo.

Posting the snap on Facebook after it popped up on her memory page, Nikki wrote: "Don’t they just make you proud."

The post has since racked up thousands of likes, with one person writing: "A wise man indeed."

Another joked: "This is comedy gold classic, what a ph"You need to keep that photo for when he’s 18."

Someone else commented: "This has made my morning!"

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