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A WELSH dessert shop boss has shared the most brutal job advert you've ever seen on Facebook, but has been universally praised for his no-nonsense attitude.

The expletive-riddled ad for an assistant manager at Shorties in Cwmbran rules out applications from "Karens", "Debbie Downers" or "wet wipes".

The withering ad continues to warn off anyone with a "crack habit" or "drink problem."

Other groups told not to apply include people with "nails like samurai swords" with "mould under their fingernails", as well as those who "have to be told again and again, and still f*** s*** up."

The ad states:"We DO NOT want applicants who just want to show universal credit that they're applying for jobs with absolutely zero intention, you must have experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry, with that drive and passion to succeed!"

"And for f***’s sake no school-leavers!"

Addressing the working conditions, the ad continues: "Start times 5/5.30 and finish times are typically 11pm. So you’ll be missing your Emmerdale and all that s****."

"It’s not f****** minimum wage, and no I’m not putting how much as it depends on experience and other things, there are many factors to consider. Could be 30-45% above minimum wage, but it’s all based on experience and what can be offered."


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Reaction to the ad has been almost universally positive online.

One commenter praised the business for its honesty saying: "I wish more employers were just as honest as this one, I loved it all."

Others were dismayed that they were not in the area and so could not answer the unique ad themselves.

One international fan said: "God damn it why do I have to live in the Austrian mountains and be 58 years old. Bloody brilliant advert for a job wish I was younger and closer."

The dessert business was clearly unconcerned with public opinion, with the ad itself saying: "If you're a whingy ‘s*** house d*****’ and find this offensive, move on as there’s not a place here for you nor do I care about your opinion."

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Phillip Shortman, who owns Shorties, issued a statement the next dayin which he said of the ad: "it’s all a bit of fun, it’s the things that people want to say or do but can’t."

"If we lose custom over this, then that is on my shoulders, but I’m fed up of trying to play hide and seek."

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