Boris Johnson: UK will have points-based immigration system in 2021

Britain will have an Australian-style points-based immigration system in 2021: Boris Johnson delivers on his 2016 EU referendum pledge to take back control of UK’s borders

  • The Leave campaign in 2016 pledged to take back control of the UK’s borders
  • Boris Johnson has now committed to delivering points-based system in 2021
  • Queen’s Speech also set out plan to enshrine end of free movement in UK law 

A new Australian-style points-based immigration system will be rolled out in the UK in 2021 as freedom of movement from the EU is brought to an end by Boris Johnson’s new Tory government. 

Mr Johnson today used the Queen’s Speech to commit to bringing forward laws which will finally deliver on pledges he made during the 2016 Brexit referendum to allow Britain to take full control of its borders.

The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill will formally stop free movement and allow the government to replace existing border control measures.  

Boris Johnson, pictured during the Queen’s Speech today, has committed to introducing a points-based immigration system in 2021

It will mean that EU citizens who can currently come to the UK to live and work without having to pass any tests or meet any specific requirements will be subject to the same treatment as non-EU citizens. 

This will ‘enable the government to deliver a single global immigration system based on people’s skills’. 

The new points-based system will see people who want to move to the UK rated on their skills and on the contribution they could make to society. 

The government believes this will allow Britain to attract the ‘brightest and best people from the whole world’ to come and live and work in the UK after Brexit. 

The legislation will represent a hammer blow to pro-EU campaigners who have urged the government to allow free movement to continue. 

Mr Johnson’s plan will see the end of free movement of EU citizens enshrined in UK law. 

Meanwhile, the new laws will also include measures to guard against skill shortages in critical industries. 

Taking back control of the UK’s borders after Brexit was one of the key pledges made by the Leave campaign during the 2016 EU referendum campaign

New visa schemes will be introduced so that roles can be quickly filled. This will include a ‘fast-track’ visa for qualified people from overseas who want to fill jobs in the NHS. 

The health surcharge – the amount of money which has has to be paid by migrants to access the NHS – will also be increased to ‘ensure it covers the full cost of use’.

The exact mechanics of the new points-based system will be set out in the New Year after the independent Migration Advisory Committee has published a report in January with its own recommendations. 

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