Bloopers abound in Colts' rain-soaked win over Niners

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the San Francisco 49ers 30-18 in this weekend's edition of "Sunday Night Football," but rain and entropy were the real stars of the night.

The game was beset by pouring rain and driving winds for much of the night, and the result was one of the NFL's ugliest games of the year. Neither quarterback crossed the 200-passing yard mark. The ball was fumbled seven times and lost four times. There were two interceptions. An extra point was missed. Twelve penalties were called for 162 yards.

Yes, the Colts won, but even they had multiple plays they would love to have back.

Like wide open passes:

Running backs amirite

— Computer Cowboy (@benbbaldwin) October 25, 2021

And accidental shovel passes into the waiting arms of the opposing defensive line:

And would-be interceptions that were dropped by an immediately regretful defensive back.


— Computer Cowboy (@benbbaldwin) October 25, 2021

Of course, it was the 49ers who lost thanks to a more consistent night of misfires. Even some plays that worked out looked like complete disasters, such as Brandon Aiyuk getting saved by the rulebook on a mind-boggling punt return decision:

Brandon Aiyuk 😳😳😳😳

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— NFL en Español (@NFLEspanol) October 25, 2021

A pair of Jimmy Garoppolo interceptions decided the game in the end, after the Colts finally got their offense working. 



— Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) October 25, 2021

Khari Willis with the pick and this game is in the books. #ForTheShoe#FTTB#Colts#49ers#INDvsSF#SNF
📺 via NBC

— Chris Shepherd (@NFLscheme) October 25, 2021

This was Garoppolo's first start since a calf injury knocked him out in Week 4, and he didn't exactly make a strong case to keep the job once Trey Lance gets healthy. He finished 16-of-27 for 181 passing yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

Despite the above howlers from Carson Wentz, the Colts offense at least seemed more comfortable operating in the rain, and made some good plays toward the end. Wentz finished 17-of-26 for 150 yards and two touchdowns, while Jonathan Taylor was stellar with 18 carries for 107 rushing yards and a touchdown.

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