Black ex-LAPD cop slams Kentucky AG and says 'he's skinfolk, but he is not kinfolk' after Breonna Taylor announcement

A BLACK ex-cop has bashed the attorney general who defended the actions of the Louisville cop who shot Breonna Taylor dead, saying Daniel Cameron is "skinfolk, but not kinfolk."

Cheryl Dorsey, a retired Los Angeles Police Department sergeant, ripped the Kentucky attorney general on MSNBC moments after the AG's bombshell afternoon press conference on Wednesday.

"Let me say this as a black woman, he does not speak for Black folks. He's skinfolk but he is not kinfolk," she told the news outlet.

"Just because he's up there with a black face, he does not speak for all of us. This was not a tragedy, this was a murder. He should be ashamed of himself."

Dorsey added that Cameron's statement on the controversial grand jury decision in the shooting of Breonna Taylor was "intellectually dishonest."

"I find his remarks to his whole entire press conference offensive," she said.

The 26-year-old black emergency medical worker was killed on March 13 after Louisville Metro Police Department officers Myles Cosgrove, Brett Hankison, and Jonathan Mattingly shot into her apartment as they executed a warrant search.

Nwarly 200 days after her death, Cameron presented the results of his office's investigation, which he said determined that the warrant wasn't done as a "no-knock" because the cops announced their presence.

A grand jury decided to indict Hankison on wanton endangerment charges for shooting into Taylor's apartment – but none of the three LMPD cops faced charged in relation to her death.

Cameron – a Republican whose candidacy was endorsed by President Donald Trump – defended the grand jury's decision, although he noted that Taylor's killing was a tragedy.

Trump said at a White House presser later that day that he agreed with Cameron's findings before he abruptly left the briefing to take an "emergency call."

He said the use of force by Cosgrove, who fired the fatal shot, was "justified," inciting fury and dozens of protests nationwide.

Dorsey wasn't alone in her sentiments – several others made similar comments, including Academy Award-winning director Ave DuVernay.

"All skinfolk ain't…," she captioned a retweet from Scandal actress Kerry Washington, who noted that Cameron opted not to charge the three cops responsible in Taylor's death.

Protests exploded around the country shortly after the grand jury announcement as demonstrators took to the streets to demand justice for the young black medic and her family.

They have occasionally become violent in places like Oregon, where a Molotov cocktail was thrown at police officers in Portland.

Shocking video filmed in Washington captured the moment a cop ran his bike over the head of an injured protester as his colleague shoved a Black Lives Matter activist in Seattle.

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