Aussie who claims he is Charles and Camilla’s son stunned after fans share ‘undeniable proof’ he is related to Royals

AN Aussie who bizarrely claims he is Prince Charles and Camilla’s secret lovechild has been left stunned after royal watchers shared photos he insists are "undeniable proof".

Simon Dorante-Day, born in the UK but now living in Queensland, has alleged he was conceived in 1965 when he says Charles and Camilla were first romantically linked.

The 55-year-old father of nine believes the couple conceived him when Charles was just 17, and Camilla 18 and he was later adopted by a family who had links to the Royal Family.

Since going public with his outlandish claim he has shared numerous side-by-side images comparing himself and his son to the Royals. 

Now he released a series of new photo comparisons which have been sourced by royal watchers and supporters on social media.

The images feature the 55-year-old with Charles, Camilla, The Queen and Prince Philip.

Speaking to, Simon said: "All the royal fans and supporters who send them to me, they’re amazing. 

There are so many people invested in my story now and helping me, it’s really amazing

"And I really think it’s like an Agatha Christie novel for them, where they’re looking for clues and searching for answers.

"There are so many people invested in my story now and helping me, it’s really amazing."

Many Facebook users have said the likeness in the images was "uncanny".

One said: "It’s very compelling and the family resemblances alone are undeniable."

Another said: "I’ve done side by side comparisons of my kids this way with my own family pictures. 

"Blown away again seeing you right in between (Charles and Camilla)."

The engineer claims his adoptive grandparents Winifred and Ernest worked as a cook and gardener for the Queen and Prince Philip and told him "many times" he was Charles and Camilla's child.

Simon was born in Gosport, Hamps, in April 1966 has even filed papers to the High Court in a bid to force the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall to take a DNA test.

Mr Dorante-Day has previously claimed the Royal Family have spent "years" hiding from the "truth."

Not surprisingly, Charles and Camilla have not responded to his claims.

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