Antifa 'killer' Michael Reinoehl predicted 'civil war' and said shooting at Trump fans felt like 'first shot'

ANIFA "killer" Michael Reinoehl predicted a "civil war" in the United States and said shooting at Trump supporters felt like the "first shot."

Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, said he acted as "security" at the Portland protests – but he was also a person of interest in the killing of Aaron “Jay” Danielson on August 29.

“Honestly, I hate to say it, but I see a civil war right around the corner," Reinoehl told a freelance reporter for Vice. "That shot felt like the beginning of a war."

Reinoehl was shot dead after he reportedly opened fire on a US Marshals task force with an "assault rifle" when they tried to arrest him in Lacey, Washington, which is southwest of Seattle.

He claimed to be a US Army veteran, described himself as "100 per cent Antifa," and spoke of a coming "civil war" amid the chaos sweeping America.

Footage from various angles show a man with the same neck tattoo as him fire two shots at Danielson, a member of “Patriot Prayer,” a right-wing group, before walking away.

Reinoehl – who went into hiding with his family before his fatal arrest – claimed he didn't know he had shot Danielson, who was with a caravan of Donald Trump supporters.

He claimed it all started with a confrontation with a man who supposedly threatened him and a friend with a knife, Reinoehl said two weeks later.

“Had I stepped forward, he would have maced or stabbed me,” he recalled, expressing that he had no regrets about his actions.

“If the life of anybody I care about is in danger, and there's something I can do to prevent it," Reinoehl continued. "I think that any good human being would do the same thing.

“I’ve got a viable case for self defense and protection because there’s a definite threat to my life.”

Reinoehl told the journalist he "had no choice" but to shoot Danielson, claiming "I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. But I wasn't going to do that.”

After the shooting pro-cop Bishop was pictured lying on the ground wearing a Patriot Prayer cap and a Blue Lives Matter patch on his pants. 

Chandler Pappas was with the 39-year-old Danielson when he was killed after his attackers apparently said "we got a couple of them right here."

"I think they were looking for someone just like us, unprotected who didn't bring guns because we didn't have the intention to kill anyone," Pappas said. "Jay's not a racist, a xenophobe or whatever. He's not an 'ist' or 'ism.'"  

Before his death, Reinoehl explained that he had acted as a security guard at the increasingly fraught demonstrations in the Oregon city.

The WSJ reported that he was arrested in July for carrying a loaded handgun and resisting arrest and later, he was shot in the arm trying to take a gun from a right-wing demonstrator.

On Saturday, August 29, Reinoehl decided to get involved and head to the protest after seeing the pro-Trump caravan counter-protest, which he claimed was "heavily armed."

“I’m seeing all these vehicles with hatred, people in the backs of the trucks yelling and screaming and swinging bats and sticks at protesters that are just standing there yelling at them,” he said.

He claimed that he feared he and his friend would get stabbed at around 8.45 pm which, he said, is why he fired the shots.

Reinoehl said that he didn't want to turn himself in because he felt the police were working with right-wing protesters.

"I feel that they're trying to, you know, put other charges on me. They’ll find another way to keep me in,” the fugitive father said before his death.

Protests erupted on the streets of Portland in the wake of George Floyd's police custody death in Minneapolis on May 25.

The civil unrest escalated again last month after Kenosha cops shot another unarmed black man Jacob Blake, 29, at least seven times in Wisconsin, leaving him paralyzed.

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