Aboriginal man demands rent from Aussie bloke on a public street

Aboriginal man tells street performer to pay him RENT despite it being a public space: ‘You’re on my land’

  • Social media prankster told ‘pay rent’ by Indigenous man
  • He said reading tarot cards was ‘breaking our laws’ 
  • He told Brock ‘you’re on my country’ 

An angry Indigenous man ordered a street performer to ‘pay the rent’ because he was performing card tricks ‘on my country’.

Sydney man Brock was delivering prank tarot card readings for strangers on the public footpath of King Street when the Aboriginal man stormed up to him.

‘Hey bruz, you’re on my country here. You gotta pay the rent,’ the Aboriginal man is heard shouting on the TikTok video Brock recorded.

The street performer tried to give the man a coin, but this appeared to infuriate him even more.

A social media prankster has been ordered ‘pay the rent’ by an angry Indigenous man because he was performing card tricks ‘on my country’

Brock’s diplomacy was to no avail, as the Indigenous man ordered him to leave the public space that he had every right to be in

‘Nah don’t do this s***,’ he said.

Embarrassed, Brock offered the man a free tarot card reading.

‘I don’t believe in that s***. You’re on my country here. That’s breaking our rules.’

Brock did his best to calm the situation down, again offering a freebie.

‘Sir, I am feeling a lot of anger right now, would you like me to give you a free card reading?’

But it was to no avail, as the Indigenous man ordered him to leave. 

‘No. Why don’t you just G.O. – just go.!’

‘I understand you’ve had a bad day today,’ Brock responded.

‘No. I haven’t had a bad day. You’re on our land and you’re doing s*** like this with your tarot and whatever.’

The Indigenous man claimed that using tarot cards in public was breaking traditional law 

‘I don’t want to disrespect your culture or anything so I will leave,’ Brock said, finally admitting defeat.

He told Daily Mail Australia he wasn’t offended by the order to ‘pay rent’ for using a public space.

‘It was just an awkward moment,’ he said.

‘But as soon as he could see I was prepared to leave the situation got better.’ 

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