9/11 police memorial DECAPITATED after Plymouth Rock defaced ahead of 400th Mayflower anniversary – The Sun

A 9/11 POLICE memorial was decapitated amid vandalism of other historic landmarks in Massachusetts ahead of the 400th Mayflower anniversary.

The vandalism, discovered on Sunday, comes less than a week after Plymouth Rock was defaced with graffiti.

A police officer statue was knocked down and beheaded at a 9/11 memorial in Plymouth, Massachusetts, as a statue of a firefighter remained untouched.

At the memorial site, the policeman statue laid face down in the mulch, next to a granite stone decorated like an American flag.

Black granite stones were laid out in memory of those who died on September 11, 2001.

The Plymouth Fire Department tweeted Monday: "This morning, a contingent of over 25 Plymouth Fire Local 1768 members were on scene to repair our 9/11 memorial that was desecrated by vandals.

"They can knock us down, but we will always get back up even stronger.

"We are firefighters. We never forget."

The memorial's firefighter and police officer statues stood unharmed since for more than 15 years, WCVB reported.

Plymouth Fire Chief Edward Bradley told WCVB: "Despite these senseless and despicable acts, our community has shown once again that the people of Plymouth will rally behind one another to do what is right.

"I am so proud of our firefighters who took the time to not only fix the damage that was done to our Sept. 11 memorial, but to give the site a needed face lift with fresh mulch and new American flags."

Ken Devora, of the Board of Selectmen, told CNN affiliate WCVB that the vandalism was: "Completely uncalled for. I acquaint it with damaging a cemetery."

Devora's message to those accountable for the damage is: "Stop, stop …Just think about it at this had your family member's name on the memorial, how would you feel?"

Plymouth resident Dick Quintal funded the memorial, which was displayed in 2004, also spoke with the outlet.

Quintal explained: "At first I was angry, then I'm heartbroken. It's just sad.

"People don't know that families come here. I've met people from all over the country that come here."

Fresh mulch and new American flags were added by the firefighters who worked to mend the damage.

Less than a week ago, vandals defaced the iconic Plymouth Rock and other historical sites in a spree that coincided with the centuries-old celebration of the Mayflower landing.

Officials discovered the landmark covered in red spray paint last week, which workers scrubbed away.

Plymouth Rock has come to represent where William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims disembarked before founding Plymouth Colony, the first puritan settlement in America, in 1620.

Through the centuries, the symbolic monument represents the religious freedom sought by the English settlers four centuries ago.

It's also the site of where the first Thanksgiving dinner was held, creating a longstanding family tradition for Americans around the country.


Police say it's unclear whether the graffiti incident is connected to the anniversary celebration, but Plymouth Rock has been a popular site for political demonstrations.

Since 1970, United American Indians of New England hold a solemn remembrance every year on Thanksgiving Day for what organizers describe as "the genocide of millions of native people, the theft of native lands, and the relentless assault on native culture."

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