You and Me actor Harry Lawtey used unexpected resource to prepare

You and Me premiered on ITV last month, starring the likes of Harry Lawtey, Sophia Brown and Jessica Barden. The romantic drama tells the story of two timelines, one of when something tragic happens in each of their lives and the present, where they are still coping with the aftermath. Lawtey’s character Ben had to grow up very quickly near the start of the three-part series which he didn’t feel prepared for.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from You and Me.

In the first timeline of You and Me, Ben is loved up with his girlfriend Jess, not too long after he moved to London.

Everything becomes a lot more real for the young couple though when she gets pregnant unexpectedly.

They decide to go through with the pregnancy and are overjoyed when their twins Jack and Poppy arrive.

Actor Harry Lawtey, 26, isn’t a father himself so needed some inspiration in order to play the part accurately.

Speaking to press, including, Lawtey talked of it being a coincidence how an old school friend had recently become a young dad.

“It was an unbelievable and very fortunate resource for me.

“I have a friend who I didn’t really know very well, I went to school with him and I’d known he had recently become a father, a young father at that as well and an unexpected one.

“So that for me, was the first challenge I had to overcome really, just because I’m not a father and I don’t feel like I completely understood that experience.

“When you don’t, you have to speak to someone who does.”

“He was incredibly generous and forthcoming with his time and experiences”, Lawtey continued.

“We had a phone call for a couple of hours where he kind of just talked me through both the profound and also the trivial of what it means to be a young parent and the struggles of that, social, economic struggles, emotional struggles, relationship struggles.

“It was a reference point for me that I was brought back to throughout the course of filming.

“It’s seismic, it’s an unfathomable thing that it feels like it’s happened to you rather than you’re participating or dictating it.

“In a way that the arc of the show is as well, in terms of parenting and of life, you have to accept almost no control and surprises are guaranteed and it’s a test of character how we respond to those things.”

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It wasn’t a happy ending for Ben and Jess though as when they were leaving hospital, he went back inside to get a bag he forgot.

In this moment when he was gone, a speeding car crashed into their taxi with Jess and the twins inside.

While his children were alright, Jess was killed in the collision, leaving Ben distraught and heartbroken.

For the next six years, Ben dedicated his life to looking after Jack and Poppy, refusing to move on from the incident.

He later meets Emma who is struggling with her own loss as her sister died of a brain tumour.

The pair hit it off, however, Ben is too scared to lose another person so backs away.

With Emma preparing to walk down the aisle to another man, will Ben change his mind before it’s too late?

You and Me is available to watch on ITVX.

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