Winterwatch viewers shocked as Chris Packham jokes he's tried 'anal jet propulsion' – but warns viewers against it

WINTERWATCH viewers were left shocked tonight after Chris Packham joked he's tried 'anal jet propulsion' – before warning them against it.

Tonight's live episode saw Chris' co-host Gillian Burke discussing nymph's and how it takes in water via its anus.

After explaining to viewers why it uses anal jet propulsion with the help of a diagram, she linked back to Chris in the New Forest.

The 59-year-old joked: "I've tried anal jet propulsion, massive laundry bill,don't try it at home."

Viewers were shocked by his cheeky comment, with one writing on Twitter: ""Anal jet propulsion" not something I thought I would hear this evening #Winterwatch @BBCSpringwatch."

Another added: "Wow! What a Friday night. Anal jet propulsion. #Winterwatch."

A third tweeted: "‘Anal jet propulsion’ Cor, one phrase I wasn’t expecting to hear on @BBCSpringwatch #Winterwatch!"

Meanwhile an equally surprised viewer wrote: "Beavers, ringed woodcock and anal jet propulsion. As @ChrisGPackham likes to say, THIS is what you pay your licence fee for."

It isn't the first risque comment Chris has made during this week's live shows.

Chris made a surprising sex gag about dogging during a segment about how foxes snare their prey with co-host Megan McCullen.

In Tuesday's episode the presenters stood in the New Forest woodland and explained they were going to wear paper animal masks to demonstrate how a fox hunts a mouse.

Chris whipped out the masks and explained to viewers: "I've got a couple of masks here because one of us is going to have to be a fox and one of us is going to have to be a mouse.

"I'm feeling quite foxy. I've got to tell you."

Hearing mischief in his voice, Megan replied: "You're feeling foxy? Just because you said that I'm going to be the fox. Come on," and she grabbed the red mask from his hand.

"But they're so precious to me! I was given them in a car park a little while ago. I'm going to be a mouse, then. I'm just not going to squeak," Chris remarked.

Winterwatch is available on BBC iPlayer.

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