Will there be a season 2 of Clarkson's Farm?

VIEWERS have been loving following Clarkson's agricultural journey on his Amazon Prime show Clarkson's Farm.

Following the success of the first installment, viewers are keen to know when they can expect a second.

Will there be a season 2 of Clarkson's Farm?

Yes! Clarkson's Farm will be returning for a season two.

Clarkson hit back at reports which claimed the show had been cancelled.

In a Twitter post, Clarkson wrote: "I can reveal now that contrary to various silly reports, the farming show was never cancelled.

"Amazon were just as keen as us to get cracking. And now we are doing."

The show's future had been in doubt, after Clarkson announced that a new series had not been comissioned.

He tweeted: "Dear everyone. There has been some speculation that a second series of our farming programme has been commissioned. It hasn’t but we are hopeful."

However, fans were delighted to hear that the show had been officially renewed.

One viewer responded: "Loved the 1st series. Will 10000000% be back to watch the 2nd series. Absolute banger of a program. I also thought you did excellent btw".

It is not known when the new series will be released on the streaming platform.

What happened in season 1 of Clarkson's Farm?

Season one saw Jeremy helped on the farm by Kaleb Cooper and other agricultural experts.

The farm suffers various calamities along the way

Clarkson managed to annoy his farm managers by buying the wrong tractor and messing up the planting.

Jeremy says; "I quickly realised that when it comes to farming you have to understand soil, weather and science.

"You have to be a mechanic, a midwife, businessman and a water diviner. You also have to be a gambler. My only qualification is driving around corners, shouting, which is of no use at all."

The show also saw Clarkson opening his own farm shop, which is now open to visitors.

Since appearing on the show, farmhand Kaleb has become a star in his own right.

Appearing on  This Morning, he said: "My Instagram blew up. I can't walk down the street without someone asking for a selfie. I can't tell them, 'Go away.' I'm a nice guy, I like talking to people, but [life] has changed massively."

The show was received well with viewers, and Clarkson tweeted to thank those who tuned into the show.

He wrote: "I’m genuinely amazed at the response to Clarkson’s Farm. Thank you all so much for your kind words."

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