Will Marcella return for season 4?

FANS of ITV'S Marcella are already desperate to know if the show will continue beyond season three.

Here's what you need to know about the future of the dark detective show.

Will ITV's Marcella return for season 4?

ITV have not yet confirmed whether Marcella will be returning for season four.

The show has been notoriously slow to release new seasons, with a two year gap between each installment.

So, if ITV do eventually confirm the release of a season four, it may not be on our screens until late 2022.

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What happened in Marcella season 3?


Marcella has been reborn as a blonde named Keira Devlin, working under Frank's command.

She is in Belfast, on a mission to infiltrate and expose the notorious Maguire family.

But as she becomes embroiled in the case her previous life, which she has tried so hard to supress, comes back in waves.

Meanwhile, Marcella's old colleague Rav is relocated to Belfast on a case he was investigating in London in which the Maguires are key suspects.

Marcella is becoming increasingly distrusted among the Maguire ranks, and it transpires that her mission to take down the family is due to Frank's own personal vendetta against the family.

Marcella is paranoid that someone is stalking her while on her undercover missions. She is rattled when a man named Matthew stops her in the street and calls her Marcella Summers.

As her mental health deteriorates, the detective makes a shocking discovery about the identity of her stalker – it was her all along.

When Marcella's cover is blown by the Maguires she knows she needs to get out, and fast. She enlists Rav to help her take down the family, but wants to save the innocent Stacey Maguire, who has got a newborn daughter to protect.

This leads to a dramatic shootout where the Maguires are all killed, and Rav is also shot.

Marcella, shaken by the events, flees the scene with Stacey's newborn girl and the Maguire's money.

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