Will EastEnders' Louise Mitchell have an abortion over Keanu Taylor’s reaction to her pregnancy?

KEANU Taylor’s reaction to her pregnancy news leaves the couple on the rocks in EastEnders.

And that’s not all – Louise is about to make a shocking decision that will see her world crumble.

Louise Mitchell will tell boyfriend Keanu Taylor that she’s pregnant with his
baby in EastEnders tonight.

But his reaction is not what she hoped and she’s left worrying about her future
with the mechanic.

Instead of telling Lou – Tilly Keeper – he’ll support her whatever she decides,
Keanu just doesn’t say anything which makes Lou run away from him.

Keanu – Danny Walters – is left to talk to his mum Karen about Lou’s news
and she has a serious heart to heart with her son about supporting Louise.

Following the reality check from his mum, Keanu tries to reach out to Louise,
but with step-mum Sharon nearby she ignores his call.

Later, Louise will try to find Keanu herself and – even though she’s worried
about what he might say – she goes to see him but makes a very upsetting

What she finds out absolutely devastates her and she turns to best friend Bex
Fowler for comfort. Will her discovery help her decide what to do about the

Lou and Keanu recently reunited for real after she was kidnapped by dodgy
gangsters and locked in a shipping container. Keanu was put on Louise-watch
by her dad Phil, but Louise thought he was hanging around her because he
wanted to get back together.

They dated earlier this year but split as Keanu was conflicted over his feelings
for Sharon. Complicated right?

But after helping to save her from the gangsters and being reminded of how
kind and lovely Louise is, Keanu couldn’t help but realise he was in love with

The couple appeared more loved up than ever this week when Keanu spent
the night in Louise’s bedroom and then had to climb out of her window, before
knocking on the front door to report to Phil for work.

The cute couple met for lunch later but Louise was left stunned while flicking
through her diary and doing some worrying maths.

Things are set to get even more complicated next week when Keanu – feeling
shunned by Louise – turns to Sharon for comfort. The pair end up getting
frisky again and are almost caught.

Things are sure to come to a head soon for Keanu who will no doubt be on
Phil’s hit list when he discovers he’s been sleeping with his wife AND has got
his daughter pregnant.

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