Who will rule on the Iron Throne? Readers share their Game of Thrones theories

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains plot information from episode five of season eight of Game of Thrones.

The horror show that was the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones has narrowed the field for the question that has consumed viewers for the past eight years – who will rule on the Iron Throne?

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We asked readers for their theories on who would end up as leader of the seven kingdoms (or at least what's left of them) at the end of the series' final episode on Monday. You can add your own theory in the comments below.

But first, a look at which character had everyone talking after episode five.

Who will rule the Iron Throne at the end of Game of Thrones?

I think Sansa will end up in the Iron Throne. Daenerys has done her dash knowing she will never be loved by the northerners and can't be with the man she loves: her loyal dragon and The Unsullied will follow her back to wherever she wants to go. Jon will somehow self-destruct knowing he, as well, is destined to a lonely life and is horrified by the thought that his Queen is a mad despot. Sansa is loved in the north and respected in Westeros and, with Arya and Tyrion to support her, she'll take the throne. Accept of course if that illegitimate son of King Robert makes a run for it …..

The Starks. Sansa will rule.

Bran will rule a council from the Iron Throne. Jon will kill Dany and head north. Sansa will rule Winterfell. The Unsullied will head back to Essos.

A full circle moment will occur: Tyrion Lannister will kill Daenerys and Robert’s bastard son will rule, mirroring the events of the past with their respective fathers and families.

Bran will die bringing about Daenerys' death, Jon will become king. Arya and Sansa will be powerful figures under his rule.

Arya will kill Daenerys and Jon will become the King of the Iron throne

Sansa and Tyrion. Jon doesn't want it (and is technically dead anyway). Arya will kill Daenerys.

Sansa will be on the iron throne. Not sure what will happen to John… he could always marry Sansa even though they aren’t brother and sister…or maybe he’ll get killed. Daenerys will get killed by Arya ( not sure of spelling of her name) dressed as John and then kill the dragon dressed as Daenerys and then make her living selling dragon rides and back burning to prevent bushfires or providing climate friendly heating.

I think Brienne is going to have a snap after learning of Jamie’s fate and become the new Queen slayer then claim the throne (she legitimately has a claim). Don’t really care much for Jon at the point, I want to see the ladies fight it out.

No king or queen. Each house is ruled independently in a formal Federation, ie Switzerland with dragons.

They are on track for an autonomous workers' collective

Arya will kill Dany, Jon will refuse thrown and go live with Ghost and Wildlings.. And the wheel will have been stopped as predicted by Daenerys 3 seasons ago… So.. nobody (for now)..

Jon Snow because all rulers are bastards. Arya will kill Dany. Jon will die or walk away up north. Sansa & Tyrion could rule together.. maybe

Dany kills Arya. Jon kills Dany. A fresh army from far across the seas we've never heard of before arrives, kills Jon and takes the throne. The cycle continues.

Sansa. Arya will take out Dany and John Snow will head back north. No one will want a Targaryen on the throne after the devastation of Kings Landing

Jon Snow because all rulers are bastards

Sansa Stark. Jon Snow will be devastated by his blind loyalty and return to the north to live as a hermit. Arya will put on another face to kill Dany. Tyrion will marry Sansa as he’s the been kind to her.

Why is Arya increasingly looking/ dressing like Jon? He's not her brother any more… her way to get to Dany?

Arya will knock off Dany. Jon wont want it and will go hang out with Tormund and Ghost. After he was legitimised last week, Gendry Baratheon will sit on the throne.

Bran stark, precisely because he doesn’t want the power. A man who knows all can’t be corrupted.

Not sure how the lineage will work but kind of think Tyrian could end up on the throne

None, it will become a republic

Jon and Tyrion will devise a way to have Dany, Greyworm and the dragon killed, and then install Gendry as the true heir to the throne, and Jon's parentage will remain secret.

John snow will return to the north and be the king of the north. Dany will stay at king's landing and they will live happily ever after.

Final scene, Dany climbs upon the iron throne, pulled from the wreckage surveying a destroyed Kings Landing, only to pull of her face, and reveal that she is, in fact, Arya in disguise…

I think Daenerys will take her own life after what she has done and Jon will separate the kingdoms independently

Bran will be chosen to rule a council he selects as Jon will head north after not choosing to rule.

No one – it will become a democracy, not a monarchy.

Danny will kill John, Arya will kill Dany and die in the process. Tyrion and Sansa will sit together as king and queen. We find out that Tyrion is part Targaryen and can control Drogon.

Dany will sentence Tyrion to death by dragon fire for treasonous acts against the queen. He will be revealed as the true heir to the throne, ie the son of the mad king and Dany's older brother, after he survives the dragon fire.

Sansa. Dany will be killed. Jon would not want to be a king.

Tyrion combined with Jon Snow just a feeling

John Snow will challenge Daenerys, she will charge him with treason and order her dragon to torch him, but the dragon will refuse, thus cementing his place as right heir!

Podrick Payne, the true hero of Westeros!

Could Podrick be the surprise ruler? Credit:HBO

Dany will demand Sansa pay for her treason and will travel North with Drogon and some of the unsullied including Grey Worm. Most of the North will have heard about Jon's claim to the throne and what Dany has done in KL and they will support Jon. Jon and Greyworm face off in a battle and Jon defeats Greyworm. Meanwhile Gilly and Sam discover, by reading through the books from the Citadel,that the man that was captured and stabbed by the children of the forest was a dragon blood . This is why the NK did not die from Drogons fire. Dany corners Sansa but Sansa is close enough to plunge the Dragon Glass dagger that Arya gave her in EP3 into the heart of Dany. Dany's eyes turn blue and she becomes the new night queen. Bran will warg into Drogon to stop it from destroying Winterfell and killing Sansa but he has to stay in warg mode too long and ends up becoming Drogon. Dany the Night Queen flies off on Drogon heading North. Jon declines the throne and travels North with Arya to find Dany. Sansa and Tyrion get the throne in the end.

Dany kills Tyrion for betraying her for the last time in freeing Jaime. Arya kills Dany for burning everyone, with Grey Worm killing Arya which causes Jon to kill Grey Worm. The Unsullied kill Jon. That leaves Gendry as a newly made full Baratheon not a bastard to claim the throne.

Dunno but it’s gonna get messy!

I would go with a rank outsider, Tormund but he doesn't like the south. So my money is with Sansa, because chaos is a ladder.

I've said Sansa all along and now that Danny looks a gonner and Jon still saying he doesn't want the throne it could well be, unless Sansa talks Jon around and hooks up with him – that would be a nice ending and possible I assume coz he isn't a Stark (is he?).

Arya kills Daenerys. Jon flies north on Drogon who eats Ghost. Jon has a big cry. Sansa ends up on the iron throne

Jon Snow obviously, and Aya will put needle through Denaerys. Though Greyworm is right behind her still so there is something going to happen there.

Jon will die protecting his queen, Arya will dispose of Dany leaving the way for Sansa to claim the throne

No-one. The seven kingdoms will split and no-one will sit on the iron throne as king/queen of the seven kingdoms.

Unfortunately, probably Jon.

Jon will die protecting his queen, Arya will dispose of Dany leaving the way for Sansa to claim the throne

Gendry will become King – and may even marry Arya who has been scarred by the devastation of Kings Landing. Gendry is the only other potential claimant Daenerys has lost the plot and something will happen to her and her remaining dragon – she may fly off into the sunset John Snow will go north of the wall – perhaps that's where Daenerys will go too

Dany will continue to use violence against the people. Jon/Aegon will kill her to stop the people suffering. Jon will then turn down the throne, take the black and become the 1000th lord commander of the nights watch. The remaining starks will then decide who will rule and they will name The Three Eyed Raven Bran Stark.

The new head of house Martel. Seems to be last house standing other than the starks with someone willing to rule. Tyrion, gentry, and remaining Starks don’t want it.

Jon! the rightful heir embodying the best virtue of Westeros!

No one person will "win". There will be a deadly confrontation within the destroyed room housing the Iron Throne in the Red Keep of King's Landing. Danny will die. Those who survive, including Tyrion and Arya, will form a council and that council will seek to unite the kingdoms. Less clear is who will die with Danny. I suspect Grey Worm and Jon and Danny all die together.

Arya tries to kill Dany. Fails. Jon watches Dany kill Arya. Last straw for Jon. Jon offs Dany. Jon takes the throne / ashes.

Arya Stark survived the bloodshed of episode 5, only just.Credit:HBO

Arya will kill Deni because of the amount of people she killed in the last battle. Arya has learned well from The Hound and the Many Faced God

John Snow aka Aegon Targaryan. He's beloved of the North ( 1/2 Stark), has defended the seven kingdoms as Marshall of the Night's Watch and is a proven warrior and a compassionate ruler (as seen with his treatment of the wildings).

Sansa and Jon will marry and rule together

Tyrion. It's has always going to have been Tyrion.

Arya will kill Danaerys and John will reluctantly take the throne

John Snow. This episode showed how Danearys is not the people’s queen.

Tyrion Lannister will be the last one standing. Jon and Denaris will probably kill each other…

Tyrion will kill daenerys. Sands and tyrion will be wardens of the north. Arya and John will hook up and rule Easter is.

Jon reject Dany – Dany kills Jon – Arya kills Dany – installs Sansa on the Iron Throne (with Tyrion as her husband).

No one. The show will end with the destruction of the throne itself and all the 'formal' seven kingdoms. To be reborn, in the hope for a better future.

Jon with Arya as hand of the King

Given the events of episode 5 (I.e. everyone seeing the birth of “the mad queen”), I think Jon will likely try to talk to Daenerys but she’ll have none of it. I imagine Tyrion will also (unsuccessfully) try to talk to her too. Likely resign as hand because she’s gone too far and won’t listen to him (again!). Realising he was wrong, Tyrion will continue Varys’ roll and try to convince Jon he needs to stop Daenerys and take the iron throne for himself, for the safety of his family, his friends and all the people of the realm. Jon will try to talk to his queen again but again refuse to listen and he’ll kill her having determined there’s no other way. Just when we think Jon has won the game of thrones there’ll be a twist (because it’s GoT, why wouldn’t there be). Jon is too honourable and will essentially exile himself (the night’s watch seems like a good choice except for the fact with the night king dead there’s no point in a watch). It was said a couple weeks ago a good king is one who doesn’t want it. It was also said Bran doesn’t really want anymore. Coincidence? I think not. The surviving members of the houses/council of the queen etc. will choose Bran as the new king of the seven kingdoms.

Iron throne is destroyed, democracy ensues

Sansa. Tyrion is going to kill Dany. Jon is going to head back north and Sansa is going to sit on the Iron Throne.

Hot Pie will pull a Bradbury. Everyone else will kill each other, then when it’s over he’ll pop out of his bakery and win over the (few) remaining citizens of Kings Landing

No one. The iron throne is gone, Kings Landing is in ruins. Jon (with help) will turn on "Danyef" and take her out. Since he's the rightful king & of the right bloodline, Drogon will sit back and not defend her. But Jon's death wound still troubles him (the producers have made that clear on several occasions), so he's not long for the world either. Sansa will rule the North. The south .. will be a free for all. If Tyrion manages to survive, and that's a big if, because he's likely to be a Shish kebab as well, he may end up the last one standing, unless he gives up & heads up north to be with Sansa. BTW, I predicted all but a few minor details in this week's ep. Cersei may still be alive .. there are hints someone other than "Danyef" will kill her. But there is no iron throne left, the game is finished. Besides, there are few candidates left. But there is no iron throne left, the game is finished. Danyef & Jon are not long for the world, Sansa will stay in the north. Other than Tyrion & Arya, remaining members of the high houses are now rather scarce. I can't see Arya on the throne and if Tyrion survives, I'm confident he'll go to Sansa.

Jon or Arya will kill Danaerys for the massacre of innocent people. Jon will take the throne.

Jon & Dany kill each other. Arya is pregnant with a Baratheon child and becomes the new queen.

John Snow after Aya kills dragon lady

Lannister’s currently rule. Jon and Dany both die so no Targaryans are left with a claim. Tyrion is the next Lannister in line and takes the throne with Sansa as his wife and Warden of the North ( and ‘Queen’ as was her destiny in season 1)

Bran will be on the iron throne after jon refuses it and sanda becomes queen of the North…are will kill daenarys.

Arya Stark. This makes the most elegant ending.

Daenerys will be banned forever. However a woman will rule. Sansa will remain warden of the north and Jon will fade into obscurity fearing his Targaryen blood will come out and he will follow the path of his forebears. Tyrion will remain the hand but of the new Queen, Arya. Yes, Arya Stark will eventually take over the Iron Throne. The symbolism of the white horse at the end of the penultimate episode should not be overlooked and remember it was she who killed the Night King.

Arya will kill Daenerys with Jon’s blessing. Jon will sit on the iron throne if it still exists.

John will kill Daenerys because she has gone mad, but John doesn’t want the throne so he gives it to Arya because she is the true hero and she will rule with Gendry.

Gendry Baratheon & Arya Stark will be king & queen. S1 e1 king Robert says to Ned, "I have a son, you have a daughter, let's join our houses".

I think the Iron Throne is finished. The surviving Westerosians will realise that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and go back to being seven kingdoms.

Jon, and by default, Sansa

Tyrion will quit in disgust. He will then be trialled for treason. Killed maybe? Jon Snow will honorably kill Dany for the good of all, but unfortunately decides to return nights watch for his treason, rather than rule. Brianne will carry Jamie's child and the Lannister family tree continues. Arya will aimlessly wander and travel the world to work out why she still lives. Sansa rules the north and Riverlands. Bran becomes ruler with a council including darvos and Tyrion (if he survives)

Sansa never trusted Daenerys.Credit:HBO

Sansa will be Queen Arya Stark kills the mad queen – just not the one she thought. Daenerys meets needle, needle wins. Jon/Aegon walks away to join Tormund in the north. Bran is the new Night King.

Ok so here’s how it plays out. There will be more carnage of the A grade characters throughout the episode until Danny finally traps Jon. Dany commands the dragon to torch Jon but he doesn’t. He can’t. John is a Targaryen and rightful king. Perhaps the dragon torches Danny. Perhaps he just falls to heel at Jon’s side. Either way she is done. But there will be another surprise or two. Sansa has to play a part. She and Tyrion get together shack up at Castley rock and plan to rebuild Kings Landing. Arya has likely fulfilled her destiny but may play a part yet. She rides away on a white horse but is lost and in peril. She is saved the return of a character we have not seen for some time. Another Stark woman may return to Winterfell.

Arya Stark, She will be the last one standing with Sanasa ward of the North. Daenerys will have Jon killed and Arya will needle Daenerys.

Arya Stark Jon Snow will kill Drogon, Daenerys will kill Jon, Sansa will rule the north Tyrion will be the hand

Both Danny and Jon Snow will meet their demise next week. Remember Tyrion is still married to Sansa. She has matured now to realise he is a very good man. They will reunite and their child will be the ruler of the 7 kingdoms.

GENDRY who has kept an incredibly low profile this episode so obviously he's been saved for a special role in the last episode. For me, Arya to join Gendry to rule Westeros (he's the last Barratheon as we know). Of course Arya will have to have done a face change after polishing off Greyworm so as to get close to Deny and do for her. Jon Snow will take the dragon (who already knows him as family) back to the north where they will all live happy ever after after persuading the Unsullied and Dothraki to go home unless they want to be the main course on yet another barbie. It is important that the last dragon be given a good caring home, plus a dragon is handy to have around should any unwelcome outsiders turn up to upset the peace loving folks of Westeros. Sansa will take up duties of Warden of the North as Jon will be in semi retirement with his dragon.

Jon Snow. Arya will kill the dragon queen by impersonating someone else. But someone has to poison the dragon first.

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