Where is Kay Burley on Sky News?

Kay Burley grills Kwasi Kwarteng on Northern Ireland Protocol

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Kay Burley has been the leading light on the breakfast slot on Sky News for many years, hosting her own self-titled show. The 60-year-old presenter was hired by Andrew Neil and joined Sky Television, launching the Sky One Entertainment Channel in November 1988.  She moved over to Sky News in the same year and has covered all sorts of events, from the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. 

In December 2020, she was suspended from presenting her show for six months after breaching London’s tier 2 coronavirus restrictions.

She returned in June 2021, but has since disappeared once more and viewers are wondering where she is. 

She said: “Forty eight hours in NYC, 19 hours on air bringing you every aspect of the #911memorial. We hope you felt we did justice to those who lost loved ones. Now home again on the red eye. See you on Monday? Do hope so.”

With this in mind, Kay may be recovering from her trip for the next couple of days before she returns to screens. 

She shared another photo from the 9/11 memorial on September 14, saying: “From memory to history. What next for the loved ones of those who perished at Ground Zero.”

Fans took to the comments to praise the journalist for her coverage, with one saying: “What a great job you did on the 20th anniversary of 9 11.”

Another said: “You did an amazing job Kay. All at Sky did.”

She has not mentioned anything else about returning to her morning show on social media. 

She has, however, been active on Twitter today (September 15), sharing the latest headlines from her colleagues. 

She shared a clip of Secretary of State for Health, Sajid Javid, speaking to Niall Paterson about coronavirus. 

From what she has shared on social media, it seems she is taking an extended break following her visit to New York earlier this month. 

There is no indication at this stage on when she will return to front her eponymous show. 

Burley hit headlines at the end of 2020 after she was forced to step down from her role for six months. 


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She admitted to attending a birthday party in London, against coronavirus restrictions. 

Burley told the Daily Mail: “I thought I was Covid-compliant. I wasn’t. I made a mistake. I was an idiot and I let myself and my viewers down.

“I’m sorry for what I did and for any heartache I caused the loyal friends with me at the time. I was appropriately sanctioned.

“I paid for my mistake, quite rightly. My viewers told me how frustrated they were with me and they were right to do so. With time, the mood music changed and my viewers wanted me back.”

She had been part of a group that ate at two tables in one venue and then visited another venue before a group of four went back to her home.

Sky’s political editor, Beth Rigby, and correspondent Inzamam Rashid were taken off air for three months for breaching the same rules.

Kay Burley airs daily on Sky News

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