When is Tiger King season 2 returning to Netflix?

FANS were hooked when Tiger King hit Netflix in March 2020.

Of course we all binged watched all seven episodes straight away, and now we want more.

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When is Tiger King season 2 released?

Lockdown hit Tiger King is returning for a second series after streaming giant Netflix secured the rights to a follow-up.

More than 64million households saw the first, which followed eccentric US big cat owner Joe Exotic and his battle with activist Carole Baskin.

 An exact air date is yet to be released by Netflix.

 However, we are unlikely to get a second series until at least 2021.

What happened in Tiger King season 1?

 Tiger King is the insane true crime story about Joe Exotic.

The seven-episode series is directed by Eric Goode who also features in the documentary.

He is a wildcat enthusiast who owned numerous tigers, lions and other large animals that he kept at the G.W. Zoo in Oklahoma.

But this isn't just what the series is about.

The series focuses on Joe’s undying hatred for animal rights activist Carole Baskin – something which in the end will see him behind bars.

The pair have a mutual disdain for one another, with both hellbent on taking the other one down.

This hate campaign on both sides takes over their lives.

Joe accuses Carole of murdering her husband and feeding him to her own collection of wild cats.

What will happen in Tiger King season 2?

Joe, 57, serving 22 years for plotting to kill Ms Baskin, has vowed to take part alongside other stand-out stars, including his husband Dillon Passage and Jeff Lowe, who took over Joe’s zoo in 2016.

But there is a question mark over Carole, 59, after her team failed to strike a deal.

An insider said: “Carole is asking for a seven-figure sum.

"It’s around the £1million mark. She wants to plough it into her Florida sanctuary, Big Cat Rescue.

Taking part in Tiger King opened up her private life and she wants to make sure it’s worth her while.”

Joe insists he is innocent and wants the second series to help clear his name.

A court ruling handed the zoo to Carole in June 2020, with businessman Jeff Lowe forced to leave.

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