What time is All Creatures Great and Small on tonight?

All Creatures Great And Small trailer released by Channel 5

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All Creatures Great and Small returns to Channel 5 with the premiere of season three tonight, September 15. The new season is set just before the Second World War but despite the looming conflict, love is in the air for Helen Alderson (played by Rachel Shenton) and James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph). Express.co.uk has all you need to know about what time the episodes are on.

What time is All Creatures Great and Small on tonight?

Helen and James are busy preparing for their wedding day and there is no rest for James, as he still has patients to see.

Set during the spring of 1939, the prospect of another war looms over Darrowby, but the happy couple are keeping in positive spirits.

Yet James is still struggling to balance his responsibilities at Skeldale with providing for his new wife.

The wedding promises to be a heartfelt affair, but it will not come without its challenges.

The third season is made up of six episodes, and they will be airing weekly on Thursdays in the same time slot.

The hour-long instalments will air from 9pm until 10pm, and they will be available to watch on My5 afterwards.

For fans in the US, season three will start airing on January 8 via Masterpiece on PBS.

The official titles for each episode have been revealed and they are as follows:

Episode one – Second Time Lucky

Episode two – Honeymoon’s Over

Episode three – Surviving Siegfried

Episode four – What A Balls Up!

Episode five – Edward

Episode six – For Whom The Bell Tolls

The season will then be followed by a Christmas special, which will air towards the end of December.

Helen and James’ marriage is not the only important part of season three, as James is looking at ways to bring the practice up to date.

He is determined to introduce TB testing, which requires specialist equipment, but Siegfried (Sam West) is not so keen on the idea.

The testing also causes some conflict between Helen and James as they have very different perspectives on the matter.

James actor Nicholas said: “For James, I think he was more factual about it. It was just testing and eradicating.

“It’s fairly straightforward. Very simple, Jim, you’re saving lives, you’ve got to do it and that’s it.

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“Whereas for farmers, there’s a big dilemma because if one cow is positive, they lose not only that cow, but they have to shut down their farm for a certain amount of time.

“If it spreads or if it was to take hold of the herd, it can be devastating for the family and a farm, so Helen has that in her head as well.

“They bring their different perspectives to the relationship. After the tug of war, they start to see it from each other’s perspectives.

“Actually, I think it’s a real benefit because then once they start listening to one another, they see the barriers and understand each other’s side a lot more, and how to overcome the issues.”

Nicholas said he relies a lot on Alf Wight’s All Creatures Great and Small books for his research.

The cast are also in regular contact with his children, Jim and Rosie, and he told Express.co.uk and other press it was “priceless” having them on board.

He added: “Having that connection with the family as well is priceless. Even if it’s just little things, like did they have pet names for one another when they were married?

“And they say no, they didn’t actually do that, so that was really good because that’s something that could get laughs.

“You could start, you know, making stuff up there but they didn’t.”

All Creatures Great and Small airs on Thursdays on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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