What is astral projection in Behind Her Eyes? Is astral projection real?

Behind Her Eyes: Netflix release psychological thriller trailer

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Behind Her Eyes has made its way to the number one spot in the Netflix top 10 due to its quirky characters. The series follows the love triangle between David (played by Tom Bateman) and his wife Adele (Eve Hewson), and David’s secretary Louise (Simona Brown). Adele and Louise are both able to carry out astral projection, and experts have spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk about the concept.

What is astral projection?

Behind Her Eyes is an eerie thriller series in which Louise have an affair with her boss, David.

All the while, David’s wife Adele had been able to see what was happening through her out of body experiences.

Adele and her friend Rob (Robert Aramayo) had been practising astral projection so they could travel to other places in their dreams.

Fans came to learn how Adele was the overall antagonist, but she was not what she seemed.

Adele’s body had in fact been taken over by Rob, when he used astral projection to switch places with her.

The concept revealed at the end of the series has left fans baffled, and some experts have spoken to Express.co.uk about the idea.

Laura Wilson-Brown is a quantum healer who is experienced in astral projection, and she said it is rather common.

She said: “Think of how often you are mid-conversation, yet you’re thinking of the groceries you have to get later on and the work project you have due.

“Your consciousness is in three different places at that moment, when we do this it is technically projecting our consciousness.

“When we astrally project, we send our consciousness to another place, something we can do relatively easily.

“This visualisation and intention of sending one’s consciousness to another place may take some practice for those who have told themselves they’re unable to do it.”

Adele taught Louise about lucid dreaming to help her get over her night terrors, and Louise discovered she was also able to astral project.

She exited her body to get inside Adele’s home when she attempted to end her life at the end of the series.

Speaking about whether we are born with this skill, Laura said: “Like all intuitive abilities, we are born with these abilities.

“Like any other muscle, however, if it’s unused it begins to atrophy. So the training is more of remembering that we can accomplish astral projection, and its merely a matter of strengthening this ability through practice and visualisation.”

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Many fans have of course been sceptical about the idea and Laura provided information about scientific studies into astral projection.

She said: “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience have done many studies regarding how the brain reacts during astral projection and found activation within the brain that governs movement and imagery projection even while the body remains still.

“Additional evidence to support astral projection can be found in a study ‘Contribution from neurophysiological and psychological methods to the study of motor imagery’.”

Yolandi Boshoff is an ‘astral traveller’ and she also opened up about her experience with astral projection.

She said: “We all have the ability to project our consciousness into other realms. If you can imagine that everything is energy – past, present and future.

“So we can move our own energy through the field to the past, present or future of our own lives.

“We then also have the ability to move our energy to various places on earth again in the timeline of past, present or future. That for instance is how people can see what happened in their past lives, or get premonitions about future events that will happen.

“This has been done by various cultures over thousands of years and is actually a lot more common than we realise.

“Nowadays, using meditation and focused intention is one of the ways we get to connect with the energy and move our consciousness around. And it is important to know that you can learn how to do this yourself and it is a tool that many people use to navigate their future and make aligned choices.”

Rob and Adele first experienced astral projection together when Rob was visiting Adele at her stately home.

Adele had been astral projecting when her parents died in a fire, and she ended up at a psychiatric facility due to the trauma.

Behind Her Eyes is streaming on Netflix now

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