What everyone is watching on Netflix right now

Do you need some new Netflix recommendations? There are some great films and shows, old and new, that are making the rounds of the streaming service at the moment. So do you fancy getting in on what everyone is talking about? Check out some of the most popular TV shows and films right now… 


Have you tried this docuseries yet? The six-part show investigates wellness fads, from apitherapy to extreme fasting, and looks at the passionate support as well as a deep scepticism behind what people think it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. So what hurts and what works? Watch the show to find out. 

Love on the Spectrum

This lovely dating show looks at young adults on the autism spectrum as they explore the unpredictable world of romance. Fans have been loving the series, with one person writing: “#LoveOnTheSpectrum watching and love it. My son is now 18 and can relate. If they’re looking for season 2 cast consider him.” Another person added: “I have watched one episode of #LoveOnTheSpectrum & have teared up actually 2,549 times.” 

Dirty John: Betty Broderick 

This drama tells the harrowing tale of Betty and her husband Daniel’s bitter divorce battle and subsequent criminal case. The drama series, based on the true-crime story, stars Amanda Peet and Christian Slater as its leading characters. After Betty is driven to madness by her ex-husband, she eventually shoots him and his new partner dead. Sounds intriguing? Make sure you check it out! 

WATCH: The Netflix trailer for Dirty John: Betty Broderick is here

The Fall 

Despite having been around since 2013, landing on Netflix has given this BBC drama a new lease of life. Starring Gillan Anderson and Jamie Dornan, the show is a cat and mouse drama which follows a detective as she narrows in on a serial killer who is murdering young women in their homes. Compulsively watchable, it’s no surprise Netflix binge-watchers have quickly become addicted! 


This adorable show is absolutely worth your time. The synopsis reads: “When three teenage girls find themselves in the same mandated Shoplifters Anonymous meeting, an unlikely friendship forms between grieving misfit Elodie, mysterious outsider Moe, and Tabitha, an imperfect picture of perfection. They will find strength in each other as they negotiate the complicated dilemma of trying to fit in while longing to break out.” 


Are you a fan of hard-hitting documentaries? This new series looks at the horrific world of hostage-taking and what it takes to resolve it, with first-hand testimonies from those who have been in the terrifying situation themselves along with their families, experienced negotiators, business leaders, government officials and even the kidnappers themselves.

Lucifer season five

Lucifer is back! The show, which has now been cancelled and renewed more times than we can keep track of, has dropped the first part of season five, the penultimate instalment before the comedy-drama officially finishes after season six. In the new episodes, Lucifer is back in Hell while Chloe struggles to cope without her devilish soulmate on earth. When Lucifer finally returns, not all is quite as it seems… 

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